The State of Symfony 2 Online Conference

During The State of Symfony 2 you will learn about the current state of the brand new version of Symfony, scheduled for release late this year. Several important parts of Symfony 2 will be highlighted by prominent speakers. And at the end of the conference, the second Preview Release of Symfony 2 will be published, including updated documentation!

Full Schedule

  • Fabien Potencier: Unit & Functional Tests
  • François Zaninotto: Symfony 2 Meets Propel 1.5
  • Bernhard Schussek: The new form framework
  • Fabien Potencier: Miscellaneous enhancements
  • Jonathan Wage: What's new in the Doctrine 2 Symfony Integration
  • Fabien Potencier: The Symfony 2 killer feature - you REALLY don't want to miss this announcement...

Each of these sessions will be 30 minutes long.


  • June 22 at 10AM (Central European Time) - Best for Europe / Asia
  • June 23 at 17PM (Central European Time) - Best for Europe / America

Check the website to find out at what time in your timezone the conference will take place.


The conference will be accessible for all those that have registered. Registration is 30 euro (20 euro during early bird, for the first 50 people to register). The conference will take place online using a Java application where attendees will be able to see the slides and hear the speaker. The application will open 20 minutes before the start of the conference to make sure all attendees will be able to attend the conference without a problem.

So, register now, we hope to see you in June!

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Count me in :)
First! :)
looking forward to this!
Yeah !
Already registered !
Gneee... too bad that it's not free!
Maybe next time :-(
Registered. I'm glad to hear also the availability of the new pre relase version of symfony 2 with its related updated docs
A technical concern: does the java app use another port than 80 ? It could be annoying for those behind a firewall at work.
Symfony 2! Can't wait!

It's really good to see that François is involved and that propel 1.5 will be supported. Thanks guys.
the killer feature for symfony is SISMO ???

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