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The Symfony 500 + 100 Challenge

The end of the year is approaching, and we think that this is the best time to do some backlog cleaning before fresh starting the new year. Right now there are 728 pending issues in symfony/symfony repository and 177 issues in symfony/symfony-docs.

Some of those issues were reported a long time ago and they probably refer to Symfony versions that are no longer maintained. Others would have been fixed but not closed and there could also be some duplicates.

That's why we ask your help to review all the pending issues in order to close irrelevant issues and achieve much more manageable levels: 500 issues or less for symfony/symfony and 100 issues or less for symfony/symfony-docs.

How to proceed in the "Symfony 500 + 100 Challenge"?

  1. Browse the oldest issue page in the repository (as the moment of writing this article, that's the 30th page for symfony/symfony and the 8th page for symfony/symfony-docs).
  2. Add a new comment to let others know that you are reviewing that issue. For instance: "I'll take care of this issue".
  3. If the issue reports an bug, try to reproduce it in Symfony 2.3 and add a new comment with your findings: this is still an issue or it has already been fixed.
  4. If the issue asks for a new feature, check if it already exists in latest Symfony versions.
  5. If the issue is still discussing things, try to reach the original author to finish the discussion or add a new comment telling us that the Symfony Core must make a decision about it.

Let the issue hunting begin!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Nice initiative! I'm looking forward to the results
Great initiative, this has always been my dream (we've got it just below 100 once in 3 years).

The documentation issue list is now trimmed down to just 160 issues, which is already very great. It contains 33 easy pick issues at the moment. These issues are very easy to fix, have very clear guidelines and often don't require much knowledge about the subject.

It would be very great if people could create a PR for them, as we're then very close to the 100 issues goal.
Awesome challenge ! I'll see if I have some time after work to look at some issues if I can help a little ! :)
Symfony community has been great to me. Looking forward to contributing where I can.

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