The Symfony Live Paris Unconference

Last year at Symfony Live, we had an uncon for one of the two conference days. It was a big success, with a nice mixture of talks on a variation of topics. We had established speakers in the uncon schedule, but also new speakers. And we even hosted a nice discussion on E-commerce using symfony.

Because of the success we had with the unconference last year, we've decided to extend the unconference to include both conference days! This means more room for those of you who want to present on your favorite topic. And those presentations can be done as either regular talks or as lightning talks. There will be 9 slots to fill spread out over the two days.

So how does everything work? It is actually quite simple. When you come to Paris, just make sure to bring your slides with you for either a regular talk (50 minutes) or a lightning talk (15 minutes). Each morning as registration and breakfast opens, the registration for the unconference also opens. There will be a board with all the times for which you can register a slot where you can write down your name and session name. Yours truly will be at that board, keeping track of everything and making sure the talks also end up on

The unconference is the perfect opportunity for new speakers to get started with speaking. As the uncon is a bit more informal, it is a good way to get some speaking experience, and get feedback from the people that are there on how to improve your speaking. It is also a great way for both new and experienced speakers to show conference organizers how well you can do your speaking.

And what topic to choose? It can be anything. If you look at [](last year's schedule) you'll see a discussion on E-commerce, a talk on Monolog, something on Varnish and Redis and many more topics. Some of the discussed topics even made it into the core of Symfony2 or are now popular Symfony2 bundles! So whether it's a discussion, a presentation on a bundle you're working on, or a talk on a related technology, everything is welcome in the unconference.

See you in Paris!

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I will probably submit something for the unconference.
The concept of unconference is really great! Last year, I spend half my time there and it was very interresting. I'm looking forward to discover the program! Thanks to organize this...

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