Top 20 symfony plugins

A quick look at the analytics of the symfony website tells us a lot about what people need in addition to the symfony core. Here is the top 20 plugins based on the number of page views of the corresponding wiki pages in the last 30 days:

  1. sfSimpleCMSPlugin
  2. sfGuardPlugin
  3. sfDoctrinePlugin
  4. sfPropelActAsNestedSetBehaviorPlugin
  5. sfMediaLibraryPlugin
  6. sfSimpleBlogPlugin
  7. sfSimpleForumPlugin
  8. sfFeed2Plugin
  9. sfgWidgetsPlugin
  10. sfThumbnailPlugin
  11. sfUJSPlugin
  12. sfControlPanelPlugin
  13. sfFormValidationPlugin
  14. sfMogileFSPlugin
  15. sfLightboxPlugin
  16. sfCaptchaPlugin
  17. sfNiftyPlugin
  18. sfPrototypeWindowPlugin
  19. sfPropelLoadbalancerPlugin
  20. sfSavvyPlugin
  21. sfYzClientSideValidationPlugin

Not surprisingly, the plugins that provide ready-to-use modules for common site features (CMS, user management, media management, etc.) are among the most popular. I believe that this trend confirms that symfony plugins can be seen like an extra layer on top of the framework, making web application development an even easier task than before.

Update: Somehow the sfDoctrine plugin had been forgotten, which is bad since it is in the third place. The error is now repaired, and the top 20 is now a top 21.

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sfPokaYoke is missning :(
sfPokaYoke is a very good one.
sad that sfDoctrine not appear in this list. In my opinion it should be on the top :)
It would be fun to see a list based on downloads or svn.
There is no "plugin" in the sfDoctrine wiki page, that's why it doesn't appear in this list. But that's a mistake in this post, and sfDoctrine is surely in the top 20, so I'll update the list accordingly.
the list is not shown correctly in FF on WinXP-SP2. The Numbers in front are cut down. The indentation is missing..
Markus: you should refresh the page, the CSS has recently been modified to fix this problem.
thank you francois! there is also a little typo in the subtitle
"Palce your bets" instead of "Place your bets"

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