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Towards Symfony 2.1: Closing Tickets

I (Victor Berchet) have joined SensioLabs at the beginning of March. Part of my mission there will be to help Fabien and the core team with the development of Symfony. I must say I am very excited about this.

As the Symfony 2.1 release is approaching and is almost feature complete, it is now time to work on the quality by fixing as much issues as possible. This is were the community can help us.

We have sorted out some defects that we think are important to fix. Some fixes should be straightforward while some others will be more challenging.

If you want to help us fixing some defects:

  • Let others know you are working on an issue by posting a comment on the ticket to avoid overlap;
  • Check if you should make the fix against 2.0 or 2.1;
  • Add some unit tests in order to validate the fix.

You can read more about how to contribute a patch in the documentation.

Fabien will post more extensively on the Symfony 2.1 documentation and schedule in the coming days.

Here is the ticket list:

Issues that should be easier to fix:

Issues that might not be that easy to fix:

We really appreciate your help.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Something should be done too about this issue (and all that are linked):
A lot of people is having a hard time because of the current implementation of ACL in Symfony when they use it with Doctrine entities.
I don't have time to continue working on the issue but surely Johannes or someone else could do it right now that Doctrine has improved the proxy handling.

While this is a great news, I do believe there are some other things that should be done as well for 2.1 This for example has already 3 different PRs waiting but there seems to be a lack of direction about it.

Also there's the problem of inconsistencies between caching mechanisms and for example the lack of a unified memcache(d), sqlite, apc and so on access. This is giving me a lot of trouble for the current symfony2 setup and it seems will continue to annoy me in 2.1 as well.

I believe some general guide lines/workflow schematics, vision guideline should be somehow made available to that contributors can read them, understand them and make symfony2 a even greater framework.

Kind regards.
Welcome on board Victor!
This post does not list the *only* tickets that needs to be resolved for 2.1 but it lists the tickets that almost anyone can fix.

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