Welcome to symfony-project.org

The official symfony project website has switched its main domain name to symfony-project.org.

The transition will be painless for everyone as we redirect everything coming to the .com
domain name to the new .org domain name.

But please, upgrade your bookmarks as we will have a more "entreprise oriented" website
on the .com domain name in the coming weeks. This website will try to "sell" symfony to your boss ;-)

The Trac and Subversion repositories will still be hosted on the symfony-project.com domain
name as the transition will need some work on the developer side.


the .com will run on symfony 1.1 like your blog ?
PEAR domain has been .com ?
Note that APT will send an error message. Please update your apt.conf accordingly.
@Pascal: yes, the .com uses symfony 1.1

@br: for now, we have only moved the main
website. So the PEAR channel is still on the symfony-project.com domain name.
Where is the page where you list the sites that use symfony?

anyInput.com just launched and uses symfony.

symfony greatly reduced the development time. If we were to code anyInput in custom PHP code, then I can say that development would have required 50% more time!

You can list your symfony applications here:


You can also create a case study if you want. More information here:

Are there plans to provide translations for the new website? If yes, I would like to help with German translation. Because there are plenty bosses here without enough English knowledge.. And I could imagine this applies to other languages/countries as well. So maybe for some developers the "PR website" wouldn't really help without a translation in their boss's language. ;-)

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