Welcome to the new symfony 1.0's release manager

As the first beta release of symfony 1.1 approaches, we need to plan the transition carefully.

As per our commitment to support symfony 1.0 in the long term, we try to publish a bug fix release every month. Each release fixes various bugs and documentation typos but never introduces new features.

As I want to focus on the 1.1 development branch, I decided to delegate the responsibility of maintaining the 1.0 branch to someone else. To be honest, I thought two people wouldn't be too much ;o)

So, I am pleased to introduce you Noël Guilbert and Grégoire Hubert. They are going to take over the job of pushing out 1.0 releases.

They will be in charge of planning the coming releases, choosing the tickets to be included and the general packaging of the releases. What really settled my choice was that they work with symfony 1.0 on a day to day basis for Sensio customers and are part of the Sensio team.

So, if you think that some "old" tickets need some attention, please ping us on the symfony developer mailing-list.

If you want your ticket to be included in the very next release of symfony 1.0, try to conform to these simple rules:

  • Describe the problem in a concise way
  • Give some examples that illustrate the problem
  • Write unit/functional tests
  • Write a well-formed patch

Of course, I will keep an eye on the 1.0 branch tickets and releases to ensure everything is going well.

So, please join me in welcoming Noël and Grégoire as the new symfony 1.0's release managers.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Welcome Noel and Gregoire.

I am excite about the new features..

Welcome, guys!
I am guessing that v1.1 will be incompatible with v1.0 branch?
z01d: so many things have changed, I think it won't be too difficult to port your 1.0.x apps to 1.1, but I think they definitly won't not run out of the box with 1.1.
Bienvenue et bon courage
Hey Noël and Grégoire!

Good luck, looks like your boss offers you a lot of trust.

I am convinced that symfony 1.0.x is in the correct hands.
Guys, congratulations!
Now we may call you the 'famous two'!
Welcome to both of you! Nice job you've got there :)
Thank you very much, we will do our best to keep the stable release .... stable ;o)
and clean.
Thank you very much. And as Gregoire said, we will do our best to keep symfony clean and stable!
Symfony is one of the most exciting PHP projects, Have a great time working on it!

Ps. how it the working culture in France actually, are there any pictures from Sensio?
Welcome along, chaps!
Welcome and good work
Welcome Noël & Grégoire !

Using Symfony is just so simple and so powerful.

Keep up this excellent work !

Thanks a lot guys.

Welcome Noël & Grégoire !
I will be waiting to see the new features :o)

Thanks :o)

Welcome Noël and Grégoire!
Thank you for your work, guys! I wait impatiently for new release. But where I can check the full list of changes? Or it will be available after release?
Hello Noël and Grégoire!! Say hi!!

best wishes for you and symfony
Welcome Noël and Grégoire, wishe you good luck !
Welcome guys and go ahead !

For those here impatient to see "new features" it seems Fabien said "Each release fixes various bugs and documentation typos but never introduces new features", so don't wait for new features in 1.0.x, but wait to have the best symfony 1.0, bugless and robust ! (if I'm wrong tell me ^^)

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