EasyAdmin Text Field

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EasyAdmin Text Field

This field is used to represent any kind of short text content. For long text contents, use TextareaField, TextEditorField or CodeEditorField.

In form pages (edit and new) it looks like this:

Default style of EasyAdmin text field


If the text content represents some special kind of data (e.g. a telephone number or an email address) there are many other specific EasyAdmin fields that you can use: AvatarField, ColorField, CountryField, CurrencyField, EmailField, IdField, ImageField, LanguageField, LocaleField, SlugField, TelephoneField, TimezoneField and UrlField.

Basic Information

  • PHP Class: EasyCorp\Bundle\EasyAdminBundle\Field\TextField
  • Doctrine DBAL Type used to store this value: string or ascii_string
  • Symfony Form Type used to render the field: TextType
  • Rendered as:

    <input type="text" value="...">



In read-only pages (index and detail), text contents are escaped (using htmlspecialchars()) before displaying them. If you have some field where you want to render HTML tags instead of escaping them, add this option:

yield TextField::new('...')->renderAsHtml();


By default, text contents are displayed in full in the detail page and are truncated to a maximum of 64 characters in index page. Use this option to set the maximum in both detail and index pages:

yield TextField::new('...')->setMaxLength(15);

// inside configureFields() you have access to the current page name
// use it to set different values per page
yield TextField::new('...')->setMaxLength($pageName === Crud::PAGE_DETAIL ? 1024 : 32);

This option only has effect in read-only pages (index and detail). In form pages (new and edit) contents are never truncated in length.


This option is ignored when also using the renderAsHtml() option, to avoid truncating contents in the middle of an opened HTML tag.


By default, contents are escaped before displaying them. If you prefer, you can strip HTML tags using this option (which internally calls to strip_tags() PHP function):

// if original contents are `<strong>foo</strong>`, it only displays `foo` yield TextField::new('...')->stripTags();

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.