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Progress Helper

Progress Helper

New in version 2.2: The progress helper was added in Symfony 2.2.

When executing longer-running commands, it may be helpful to show progress information, which updates as your command runs:


To display progress details, use the Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\ProgressHelper, pass it a total number of units, and advance the progress as your command executes:

$progress = $this->getHelperSet()->get('progress');

$progress->start($output, 50);
$i = 0;
while ($i++ < 50) {
    // ... do some work

    // advance the progress bar 1 unit


The appearance of the progress output can be customized as well, with a number of different levels of verbosity. Each of these displays different possible items - like percentage completion, a moving progress bar, or current/total information (e.g. 10/50):

// the default value

You can also control the different characters and the width used for the progress bar:

// the finished part of the bar
// the unfinished part of the bar
$progress->setEmptyBarCharacter(' ');

To see other available options, check the API documentation for Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\ProgressHelper.


For performance reasons, be careful if you set the total number of steps to a high number. For example, if you’re iterating over a large number of items, consider setting the redraw frequency to a higher value by calling setRedrawFrequency(), so it updates on only some iterations:

$progress->start($output, 50000);

// update every 100 iterations

$i = 0;
while ($i++ < 50000) {
    // ... do some work


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