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You are browsing the documentation for Symfony 2.8 which is not maintained anymore.

Consider upgrading your projects to Symfony 5.2.

The Symfony Polyfill / Intl Grapheme Component

2.8 version

The Symfony Polyfill / Intl Grapheme Component

This component provides a partial, native PHP implementation of the grapheme_* functions to users who run PHP versions without the intl extension.


$ composer require symfony/polyfill-intl-grapheme

Alternatively, you can clone the repository.


If you install this component outside of a Symfony application, you must require the vendor/autoload.php file in your code to enable the class autoloading mechanism provided by Composer. Read this article for more details.


Once this component is installed in your application, you can use the following constants and functions, no matter if the PHP intl extension is installed or not in your server.

Provided Constants

  • GRAPHEME_EXTR_COUNT (value = 0)

Provided Functions

See also

The polyfill-intl-icu and polyfill-intl-normalizer components provide polyfills for other classes and functions related to the Intl PHP extension.

This work, including the code samples, is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license.