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How to Dump Workflows

4.0 version

How to Dump WorkflowsΒΆ

To help you debug your workflows, you can dump a representation of your workflow with the use of a DumperInterface. Use the GraphvizDumper to create a PNG or SVG image of the workflow defined above:

// dump-graph.php
$dumper = new GraphvizDumper();
echo $dumper->dump($definition);
$ php dump-graph.php | dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg

# run this command if you prefer PNG images:
# $ php dump-graph.php | dot -Tpng -o graph.png

The result will look like this:


Inside a Symfony application, you can dump the dot file with the workflow:dump command:

$ php bin/console workflow:dump name | dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg


The dot command is part of Graphviz. You can download it and read more about it on Graphviz.org.

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