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A week of symfony #23 (05->11 june 2006)

Development highlights

  • r1415: removed ?> from all php files
  • r1412: getURI() now takes into account SSL requests (patch from Ian Ricketson)
  • r1411: added a new getRawValue() method to sfOutputEscaper (patch from Mike Squire)
  • r1404, r1410: updated Creole and Propel to their latest official releases
  • r1400: added encoding option to sfFeed

You can now change the encoding of your feeds:

  • r1399: added a new wrap_text() helper

Book and documentation

  • r1395: documented scriptable configuration (ability to put PHP code in YAML files)

Some great Wiki documentation updated this week:

Some symfony powered websites

  • OpenEats: Open Eats Project is an open source recipe/meal planner that can be accessed by anyone across the Internet much like other commercial sites. It's not even released, but it is built with symfony. Good example of a collaborative project. Check out their source.

They talked about us

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"r1415: removed ?> from all php files" << why is this interesting ? Does it improve performance ?
Fix URL to "How to initialize javascript" "Clay to schema"
What does removing the closing ?> do?
The URLs "How to initialize javascript with json" and "clay to schema" doesnt work!
adrive, Markus: thanks, it's done
""r1415: removed ?> from all php files" << why is this interesting ? Does it improve performance ?"

Not closing PHP files avoids "headers already sent" errors caused by trailing whitespace in class files.
god damn i love symfony! keep up the good work. sorry i havent been around much in the irc channel, will be back in there soon.

i find myself banging out tools in less than a day, simple to the point tools that work and are easy to maintain! woopa.

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