A week of symfony #324 (11->17 March 2013)

This week the Locale component was refactored into two new Symfony components: Icu and Intl. Meanwhile, the first speakers of the Symfony Live Portland 2013 conference were announced and the full schedule for the Symfony Live Paris 2013 conference was published.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 5bc30bb: [Translation] added xliff loader/dumper with resname support
  • fc47589: [BrowserKit] added ability to ignored malformed set-cookie header
  • fe4cc24: [TwigBridge] fixed scope & trans_default_domain node visitor
  • 5ad4bd1: [TwigBridge] now enter/leave scope on Twig_Node_Module
  • 7d87ecd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed te warmup of the cache:clear command
  • 7216cb0: [Validator] fixed showing wrong max file size for upload errors
  • 6575df6: [Security] used current request attributes to generate redirect url
  • ef53456: [DoctrineBridge] avoided blob values to be logged by doctrine
  • cc3a40e: [FrameworkBundle] changed temp kernel name in cache:clear
  • e51432a, b9c37f2: sub-requests are now created with the same class as their parent
  • bd38483: [Security] fixed HttpUtils class tests
  • 67fbbac: [DoctrineBridge] fixed non-utf-8 recognition

2.2 changelog:

  • a735cbd: [Finder] fixed xargs pipe to work with spaces in dir names
  • 4f3771d: [HttpKernel] fixed wrong option name in FragmentHandler::fixOptions
  • 639c30c: [DependencyInjection] fixed id case when setting a service (also slightly enhanced an error message)
  • 602cdee: [Finder] replaced INF to PHP_INT_MAX inside Finder component
  • d7a7434: [Routing] fixed URL generation for optional parameter having a null value

Master changelog:

  • 44c8654: [FrameworkBundle] fixed regression for the translator fallback configuration
  • cce3a6b: [HttpKernel] collect data if the controller is a Closure
  • e372183: [TwigBundle] added service check for extension loading
  • ad5eb7e: [TwigBundle] fixed compiler pass error
  • 82aa135: [TwigBundle] added conditions for routing & httpkernel extensions

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Prezentacja o Symfony2 w ramach cyklu wykładów Performance Media: http://www.kamiladryjanek.com/2013/03/prezentacja-o-symfony2-w-ramach-cyklu-wykladow-performance-media/

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