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A week of symfony #431 (30 March - 5 April 2015)

This week, Symfony published 2.3.27, 2.5.11 and 2.6.6 security releases. In addition, the Form component refactored choice lists to support dynamic label, value, index and attribute generation, the Translation component added a new translation profiler and the Console component introduced a new style guide to update the built-in commands appearance. Lastly, the master branch continued removing deprecated features that won't be available in Symfony 3.0.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • e848040: [Config] added parsing of hexadecimal strings for PHP 7
  • 9215c22: [Configuration] improved description for ignoreExtraKeys on ArrayNodeDefinition
  • 7441955, 85c9781: fixed Travis test cancellations
  • 195c57e: [HttpKernel] safe escaping of fragments for eval()
  • 6c73f0c: [HttpFoundation] added isFromTrustedProxy to confirm request came from a trusted proxy
  • dbd02b0: used specialized config methods in built-in bundles
  • efc1c03: [Validator] used strict comparisons in loaders
  • 6f5e95b: [StringUtil] added a new irregular English plural to StringUtil pluralizator
  • 02cda05: [Console] forced interactive shell when limited detection
  • 40ab7ef: [HttpKernel] embedded the original exception as previous to bounced exceptions
  • f62b050: [DependencyInjection] removed useless strtolower call

2.6 changelog:

  • 10f7133: [VarDumper] fixed toggle action to see source excerpt
  • 6c6560e: [VarDumper] fixed dumping references as properties
  • 9d6c0b1: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed the AJAX profiling
  • 15ef182: [Debug] made code in ErrorHandler easier to read
  • b56a804: [Debug] renamed "context" key to "scope_vars" to avoid any ambiguity
  • ab37040: [FrameworkBundle] fixed displaying of deprecation notices
  • 1122160: [Console] fixed currently broken tests
  • df484da: [VarDumper] towards PHP7 support

2.7 changelog:

  • c923b2a: [Translation] added a translation profiler
  • ac5c5a5: [VarDumper] added VarDumperTestCase and related trait
  • 96b4210: [Console] added console style guide helpers
  • 5d96f4d: [FrameworkBundle] added a protected shortcut getParameter() method in the base Controller class
  • 94d3876: [FrameworkBundle] added TranslationsCacheWarmer to generate catalogues at warmup
  • 03efce1: [Form] refactored choice lists to support dynamic label, value, index and attribute generation
  • 3846b37: [DoctrineBridge] don't cache choice lists if query builders are constructed dynamically
  • e6739bf: [DoctrineBridge] DoctrineType now respects the "query_builder" option when caching the choice loader
  • a289deb: [Form] fixed new ArrayChoiceList to compare choices by their values, if enabled
  • 26eba76: [Form] fixed regression: choices are compared by their values if a value callback is given
  • 86cf8de: [VarDumper] made use of Caster::PREFIX_* consts
  • 64d6e76: [VarDumper] added casters for Reflection* classes
  • 1d89922: [Form] fixed tests using legacy functionality
  • 8f72338: [FrameworkBundle] moved lint commands to lint namespace
  • d2f85ed: [Debug] updated the default log level when a PHP error occurs
  • e9bc23b: [TwigBundle] make date formats and number formats configurable for both the "date" and the "number_format" filters
  • f95d89c: automatically start server:run if server:start failed
  • 2a2f7e2: [Form] deprecated precision option in favor of scale
  • a4551f9: [WebProfilerBundle] added feedback about the current symfony version
  • eacdc62, 6487b6e: [Debug] added symfony_debug_backtrace() that works with fatal errors
  • b470a5b: [Translation] added the number of times a translation has been used
  • 5a33c2c: [Form] added choice_translation_domain to avoid trans options

Master changelog:

  • 01cebda: [FrameworkBundle] drop backward compatibility for debug commands
  • 1a8f87d: [Console] removed deprecations in Console component
  • 9bd47ce: [Yaml] removed deprecation in YAML component
  • 2220b90: [Translation] removed deprecation in translation component
  • 4c57e77: [Locale] removed deprecated Locale component
  • c936361: [Templating] removed deprecations in Templating component
  • 8ef1960: [Process] removed deprecations in Process component
  • 2000867: [Debug] removed deprecated interfaces

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The console style guide finally passed, congratz !

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