A week of symfony #598 (11-17 June 2018)

This week, development activity focused on the Cache component, which gained sub-second accuracy for internal expiry calculation and stampede protection via probabilistic early expiration. Meanwhile, the diversity team made a call for sponsors for a training needed by the CARE Team. Lastly, the Call for Papers deadlines for Symfony conferences are approaching fast, so you should submit your proposals as soon as possible.

Symfony development highlights

2.8 changelog:

  • 2643ec8: [Security] Fix bad method call with guard authentication + session migration
  • 2627c16: [VarDumper] fixed dumping ArrayObject and ArrayIterator instances

3.4 changelog:

  • e564c70: [Cache] fixed expiry comparisons in array-based pools
  • 56f5d83: [ProxyManagerBridge] fixed support of private services
  • 50f2ed7: [Workflow] added support for interfaces

4.1 changelog:

  • cfb1ffb: [FrameworkBundle] fix for allowing single colon controller notation
  • fb4c79b: [WebProfilerBundle] avoid calling eval when there is no script embedded in the toolbar
  • ffa79ba: [FrameworkBundle] give access to non-shared services when using test.service_container

Master changelog:

  • 7e3b7b0: [Cache] added stampede protection via probabilistic early expiration
  • d4f5d46: [Cache] unconditionally use PhpFilesAdapter for system pools
  • 205d161: [Cache] use sub-second accuracy for internal expiry calculations
  • b560883: [TwigBundle] add exception chain breadcrumbs navigation

Newest issues and pull requests

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