A Week of Symfony #634 (18-24 February 2019)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, Symfony Flex 1.2 was released, simplifying the update of recipes, improving the handling of .env files and allowing to define conflicting recipes. Meanwhile, the final schedule for the SymfonyLive Paris 2019 conference was published.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 72 pull requests were merged (54 in code and 18 in docs) and 63 issues were closed (44 in code and 19 in docs). Excluding merges, 43 authors made 3,574 additions and 1,211 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

  • 1f829ec: [Translation] added a script to display the status of translations
  • 3d4c5dd: [Console] fixed command testing with missing user inputs
  • 47d26f6: [Finder] avoid mutating the Finder when building the iterator
  • 1914031: [Form] do not validate non-submitted form fields in PATCH requests
  • a67441a: [Validator] fixed duplicate UUID
  • eb7a612: [Console] use a more intuitive usage example in ArrayInput PhpDoc
  • da16b9c: [EventDispatcher] fixed unknown priority
  • 68d5597: [Security] complain about an empty decision strategy
  • ff4b1d4: [Console] prevent ArgvInput::getFirstArgument() from returning an option value
  • 5ac4c2a: [Routing] fixed URL generation with look-around requirements
  • 848a830: [HttpKernel] fixed possible infinite loop of exceptions
  • 83fec23: [VarDumper] keep a ref to objects to ensure their handle cannot be reused while cloning
  • 4cc1006: [Cache] fixed getItems() performance issue with RedisCluster
  • 173b5ea: [Console] fixed handling of multi-byte characters in autocomplete
  • 1aac865: [Security] fixed FormAuthenticator condition
  • af66641: [Form] reject submitted non-integer numbers in IntegerType
  • d962a74: [Validator] updated Albanian translations
  • 3315c8e, 4912044: [Validator] Added missing translations for Norwegian
  • 31bfded: [Validator] added the missing translations for the Greek (el) locale
  • df0fc5e: [Validator] added missing Brazilian Portuguese translations
  • 4b56617: [Validator] added missing translations for Afrikaans
  • 51499f4: [Translations] added missing Croatian validators
  • 9202d9e: [Validator] updated Serbian translation

4.2 changelog:

  • 424773d: [FrameworkBundle] fixed Descriptor throwing on non existent parent
  • 8ac69b9: [Cache] fixed warming up cache.system and apcu

Master changelog:

  • e7430f4: [VarDumper] dump Closures' parameters once in their signatures
  • 5909a47: [VarDumper] link paths in stack traces to IDE
  • c3cf08e: [Form] undeprecate date formats in single_text widgets
  • 5c73900: [Form] add input_format option to DateType and DateTimeType
  • 02d6c0f: [Form] deprecate using invalid names for buttons
  • 6207f19: [Form] added option to render NumberType as type=number
  • 2e6d069: [Routing] deprecated some router options
  • ba725c2: publish message with custom queue options (flags | attributes)
  • cbe8cff: [VarDumper] added link to source next to class names
  • 3560cfd: [Console] added suggestions for missing packages
  • 93c2feb: [Form] deprecated custom formats with HTML5 widgets
  • 4e1ad10: [WebProfilerBundle] added Pretty Print functionality for Request Content
  • 5a3e894: [PropertyInfo] added support for extract type from default value
  • fec0475, 2e8bf33: [VarDumper] implemented DsCaster
  • b4f6c34: [DependencyInjection] allow to choose an index for tagged collection
  • e9a2c3d: [Monolog] added a way to configure the ConsoleFormatter from the ConsoleHandler

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