symfony 1.0.20 is out

Here is the 21st release of the 1.0 version of symfony. 2 years ago, symfony core team was very proud to release the version 1.0.0. Lot of things have changed since then but we know there are a lot of websites that have been running sf1.0 all this time and they are still running !

Here is the changelog of the 1.0.20:

  • r16170: fixed typo (closes #6014)
  • r16165: added some missing PHPDoc (closes #6054)
  • r15765: fixed propel:schema-to-yml composite foreign-Keys wrongly converted (closes #5483)
  • r15263: fixed issue with cache file corruption due to heavy load. (closes #5729)
  • r15223: escaped variables in exceptions in the development environment (closes #5743)
  • r14385: fixed i18N and open_basedir restriction problem (closes #1445)
  • r14266: improvement in search_in performance of sfFinder when not searching symlinks (closes #5431)
  • r14120: fixed select_timezone_tag not possible to display city. (closes #5359)
  • r13893: backported performance patch for sfToolkit::stripComments. (closes #5237)
  • r13416: fixed sfRequest::getUri() when using Microsoft IIS (closes #4886)
  • r13408: fixed long line in a PHP doc (closes #4750)
  • r13386: added mime type for PDF (closes #4483)

Enjoy !

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nice, u never stop .... this is the last release??
no, there will be 1.0.21

after update from 1.0.19 to 1.0.20 I get error "[PropelException] No connection params set for propel"
@Paweł Ryznar

I have the same error but on 1.0.19

Now Im goinf to install 1.0.20
Shot ... busy upgrading now, always nice to see constant maintance :)

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