Symfony 2.5.0-RC1 released

Symfony 2.5.0-RC1 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes since beta2:

  • bug #10979 Make rootPath part of regex greedy (artursvonda)
  • bug #10995 [TwigBridge][Trans]set %count% only on transChoice from the current context. (aitboudad)
  • bug #10989 [Debug] throw even in stacking mode to preserve code paths (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #10987 [DomCrawler] Fixed a forgotten case of complex XPath queries (stof)
  • feature #10930 [Process] Deprecate using values that are not string for Process::setStdin and ProcessBuilder::setInput (romainneutron)
  • bug #10971 [Process] Fix conflicts between latest 2.3 fix and 2.5 deprecation (romainneutron)
  • feature #10932 [Process] Deprecate Process::setStdin in favor of Process::setInput (romainneutron)
  • bug #10849 [WIP][Finder] Fix wrong implementation on sortable callback comparator (ProPheT777)
  • bug #10929 [Process] Add validation on Process input (romainneutron)
  • bug #10946 [PropertyAccess] Fixed getValue() when accessing non-existing indices of ArrayAccess implementations (webmozart)
  • bug #10958 [DomCrawler] Fixed filterXPath() chaining loosing the parent DOM nodes (stof, robbertkl)
  • bug #10953 [HttpKernel] fixed file uploads in functional tests without file selected (realmfoo)
  • feature #10941 [Debug] cleanup interfaces before 2.5-final (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #10947 [PropertyAccess] Fixed getValue() when accessing non-existing indices of ArrayAccess implementations (webmozart)
  • bug #10937 [HttpKernel] Fix "absolute path" when we look to the cache directory (BenoitLeveque)
  • bug #10933 Changed the default value of checkbox and radio to match the HTML spec (stof)
  • bug #10927 [DomCrawler] Changed typehints form DomNode to DomElement (stof)
  • bug #10894 [HttpKernel] removed absolute paths from the generated container (fabpot)
  • bug #10926 [DomCrawler] Fixed the initial state for options without value attribute (stof)
  • bug #10925 [DomCrawler] Fixed the handling of boolean attributes in ChoiceFormField (stof)
  • feature #10882 Fix issue #10867 (umpirsky)
  • bug #10902 [Yaml] Fixed YAML Parser does not ignore duplicate keys, violating YAML spec. (sun)
  • feature #10912 [Form] Added support for injecting HttpFoundation's Request in ServerParams for the Validator extension (csarrazi)
  • bug #10777 [Form] Automatically add step attribute to HTML5 time widgets to display seconds if needed (tucksaun)
  • bug #10909 [PropertyAccess] Fixed plurals for -ves words (csarrazi)
  • bug #10904 [HttpKernel] Replace sha1 with sha256 in recently added tests (jakzal)
  • bug #10899 Explicitly define the encoding. (jakzal)
  • bug #10897 [Console] Fix a console test (jakzal)
  • bug #10896 [HttpKernel] Fixed cache behavior when TTL has expired and a default "global" TTL is defined (alquerci, fabpot)
  • bug #10841 [DomCrawler] Fixed image input case sensitive (geoffrey-brier)
  • bug #10714 [Console]Improve formatter for double-width character (denkiryokuhatsuden)
  • bug #10872 [Form] Fixed TrimListenerTest as of PHP 5.5 (webmozart)
  • feature #10880 [DependencyInjection] GraphvizDumper now displays unresolved parameters (rosstuck)
  • bug #10876 [Console] Make HelperTable::setStyle() chainable again (stloyd)
  • bug #10762 [BrowserKit] Allow URLs that don't contain a path when creating a cookie from a string (thewilkybarkid)
  • bug #10861 [Debug] enhance perf of DebugClassLoader (nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #10863 [Security] Add check for supported attributes in AclVoter (artursvonda)
  • bug #10854 [Debug] fix handling deprecated warnings and stacked errors turned into exceptions (nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #10843 [TwigBridge] Added compile-time issues checking in twig:lint command (maxromanovsky)
  • feature #10829 Fix issue 9172 (umpirsky)
  • bug #10833 [TwigBridge][Transchoice] set %count% from the current context. (aitboudad)
  • bug #10820 [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed profiler seach/homepage with empty token (tucksaun)
  • bug #10809 Fixed composer to include config component for mocks in phpunit (jpauli)
  • bug #10815 Fixed issue #5427 (umpirsky)
  • bug #10817 [Debug] fix #10313: FlattenException not found (nicolas-grekas)

If everything goes fine, 2.5.0 final will be released on May 31st.

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Thanks for this update. There is one little typo in the title and the url:
2.5.0-BETA2Symfony 2.5.0-RC1 released
Thanks. Looking forward for the 2.5.0 release on 31st May. Cheers!
PSR-4 here we come!

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