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A week of symfony #226 (25 April -> 1 May 2011)

Symfony2 published this week its first beta version. Doctrine was the bundle with most activity, including the simplification of its configuration. In addition, Symfony2 achieved this week two remarkable milestones: more than 2,000 repository watchers and more than 700 pull requests.

Development mailing list

Symfony2 development highlights


  • 7c95bda: [Routing] simplified route compiler
  • d948361: [AsseticBundle] added configuration for compass filter
  • f372874: [AsseticBundle] added support for Twig functions
  • 944a980: [Routing] optimized PHP route dumper
  • 3bca4b7: [MonologBundle] only compile files if any handler is registered
  • f4d1196: [MonologBundle] added FirePHPHandler support
  • 713e8c2, f9f02a9, 05698f6, 88e78e6, d506a55: removed redundant or unused parameters and arguments
  • 45dd5f3: [FrameworkBundle] added Luxembourgish translation for Validator messages
  • 246ad1b: [FrameworkBundle] added German translation for Validator messages
  • 7a7b448: [HttpKernel] added BundleInterface::getContainerExtension() which is implicitly loaded
  • a005796: [AsseticBundle] added a node visitor to wrap runtime filter functions with runtime use_controller check
  • 035afc1: [Routing] fixed regression in Routing matching algorithm
  • f9c300e: [AsseticBundle] added a listener to add common image request formats when use_controller is on
  • fefee0d: [Routing] fixed URL generation when an optional variable value is 0
  • dacfa63: [FrameworkBundle] added Catalan translation for Validator messages
  • e68f8f4: [DoctrineBundle] renamed DIC class parameters (they end with .class instead of _class to follow the convention of other bundles)
  • 175f944: [DependencyInjection] added NonExistentParameterException that indicates where a non-existent parameter is being used
  • 98e70f0: [Routing] route collection prefixes must start with a / and must not end with a /
  • e2741ce: [Process] changed ExecutableFinder to return false instead of throwing an exception when the executable is not found
  • 97f66e9: [HttpKernel] added check of default extension alias convention
  • 5dc1a9b: [Process] added optional argument for default executable
  • aa3ec50: removed File::getWebPath(), because the feature was not used anywhere in the core
  • 854fbd7: [HttpFoundation] use realpath to ensure that there is no .. in file path (to match phpdoc)
  • 5bb9da4: [HttpFoundation] renamed getDefaultExtension() to guessExtension() (the renamed method now returns null if it cannot guess the extension)
  • 00bfd10: [HttpFoundation] refactored File management to be safer
  • 35a3244: [DoctrineBundle] converted DBAL definition templates to abstract definitions
  • aab56fa: [DoctrineBundle] moved some more definition to abstract definition
  • 55f9e6f: [DoctrineBundle] tweaked various exceptions to make it clear that the issue is related to Doctrine
  • 03511de: [DoctrineBundle] removed the possibility to define an empty configuration for the DBAL
  • e63c2e2: [DoctrineBundle] added back the possibility to easily define one DBAL connection because most users will only ever use one database connection
  • 059104a: [DoctrineBundle] added back the possibility to define a single entity manager with a shorter syntax (same reasonning as the previous commit)
  • b6a9935: [Serializer / XmlEncoder] allowed decoder to extract attributes in root element
  • dc85727, c752429, 6431881, 8b85458: [DoctrineBundle] added an auto-mapping option to let Symfony register all enabled bundle mappings. Most of the time, you just want to register all your bundle mappings. It's a bit tedious to do it by hand
  • 4fb1035: fixed Doctrine EntityType when the identifier is a string
  • 77f9daf: [HttpKernel] allowed bundle names to have 'bundle' in their base name
  • 2291af4: added Locale stubs to the autoloader so that people can run Symfony unit tests even if they don't have intl installed
  • e72f1a9: added a global secret setting to configure CSRF, the temporary storage, and possibly more
  • 05f1481: [Form] added the possibility to configure the CSRF field name and the disabling of the CSRF feature altogether
  • 509f3dd: removed the possibility to pass a template to render_widget() (use plain HTML with calls to Twig functions or create a macro)
  • 3fe385e: removed the autoloader map feature (this feature added complexity to the framework but wasn't used in the core anyway)
  • 4cbc33a: removed the automatic loading of the compiled classes (should be done explicitely by the end user now)
  • 12968f1: [Locale] updated ICU data (the Indian Rupee sign was updated, updated LocaleTypeTest, zh_Hans_MO was removed from ICU)
  • a204aec, 3a36c08: added the possibility to easily customize the template of just one widget of a form (Twig and PHP)
  • 43e38c3: [DoctrineBundle] changed doctrine.orm.entity_managers parameter to store the names and the ids
  • a607afb: [DoctrineBundle] added a doctrine.dbal.connections parameter that keeps the list of registered DBAL connections
  • 01695bc: [DoctrineBundle] refactored event listeners/subscribers to not rely on parameter name conventions
  • f644bbc: [translations] moved the application translations directory under Resources to be consistent with bundles
  • dccac19: [HttpFoundation] sanitize uploaded file original name
  • e7c0aea: made Templating Engine optional
  • b14db26: [Routing] added setContext to RouterInterfaces as it is used on RouterInterface references
  • 11d25f6: [WebProfilerBundle] added unit tests
  • ee3c239: [AsseticBundle] updated sass, scss and compass filter configs to include base dir
  • a4c6243: [DoctrineBundle] refactored commands
  • 74a243b: [DoctrineBundle] added connections and entity managers in web profiler
  • 03f7049: [DoctrineBundle] moved Doctrine proxy commands to their own sub-namespace
  • 6fec656: [DependencyInjection] forced anonymous services to always be private


New job postings

  • CTO with Symfony experience at - Contact: jobs [at]

New plugins

  • sfForum: (no description)
  • wbiDomaine: (no description)
  • sfOauthServer: permits to create easily an authentication for a module or an action. This authentication works both with OAuth 1.0 and 2.0 For instance, it allows to secure an API and control access and permissions of each cusumers (applications).

Updated plugins

  • sfJqueryReloaded:
    • Symfony 1.4 form should be BaseForm, not sfForm
  • csDoctrineActAsSortable:
    • fixed handling of empty values for determining final position
  • psToolbox:
    • fixed a bug in selector
  • pmPropelGenerator:
    • new jQuery version and tabs fix
  • dcReloadedFormExtra:
    • added null option to dcWidgetFormJQueryDependence to allow the widget to be rendered when no value is selected
  • y0AdminExpand:
    • added colspan calculation
  • apostrophe:
    • apostrophe:deploy now gives you a chance to cancel the deploy if you have made changes not reflected in svn
    • changed the debug logic to not output an unnecessary function if debug is false
    • fixed warning when fetching a page that doesn't exist yet with fasthydrate turned on
    • respect existing options when adding data-asset-group
  • apostropheExtraSlots:
    • the blog slideshow slot just works
    • created a slot icon for a-inset-image
    • need to pass from one slot to the shared partial in normalview and in editview
  • apostropheCkEditor:
    • added a work in progress editor based on FCKeditor

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A week of symfony #226 (25 April -> 1 May 2011)

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The default beta1 Symfony2 release has a form error just out of the box stock install: ( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined method Acme\DemoBundle\Form\ContactForm::create() in src/Acme/DemoBundle/Controller/DemoController.php on line 35
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