A week of symfony #249 (3->9 October 2011)

Symfony 2.0.4 version was released this week, maintaining the fast pace of Symfony2 upgrades. In addition, the independent security audit of Symfony2 and Twig code was disclosed. Lastly, an important, and backwards incompatible change, was committed to the Symfony2 master branch: locale management was moved from the Session class to the Request class (see details).

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symfony 1 development highlights


  • r33121: [1.4] fixed protocol relative URL in the asset helper
  • r33122: [1.4] fixed include|get_component when sfPartialView class is customized
  • r33125: [1.4] fixed the possibility to include files included in an exclude rule in the deploy task


  • r33123: [1.4] fixed virtual columns in sfFormFilterDoctrine

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 6b16757: [Security] changed a RuntimeException to LogicException for consistencies between the different Token classes
  • 3f567b8: [FrameworkBundle] moved a parameter in the same file as the one where the service is defined for better consistency
  • d7c9644: [Validator] extend and fix DateValidator & TimeValidator tests
  • deb6dea: [Translation] added failing tests to verify that UTF-8 lang files can't be used with another charset
  • 5473d3b: [Translation] allowed use of UTF-8 encoded catalogues into non-UTF-8 applications
  • 395f580: rebuilt resource files with genrb from ICU 4.2. as ICU 4.4 by default builds them in newer format
  • 8b55541: added an UPGRADE file
  • 74bc699: [BC BREAK] moved management of the locale from the Session class to the Request class

2.0.x branch:

  • cf4a91e: [ClassLoader] fixed usage of trait_exists()
  • 92d1906: [Translation] changed some unit tests for PHPUnit 3.6.0 compatibility
  • 828b18f: [Form] fixed lacking attributes in DateTimeType
  • a74ae9d: [HttpFoundation] made X_REWRITE_URL only available on Windows platforms
  • 95049ef: [Form] added type check to ScalarToChoiceTransformer
  • 18a83c6: [Form] simplified a bit FormUtil and extended test coverage
  • ae0685a: [Translation] loader should only load local files

Repository summary: 3,147 watchers (#1 in PHP, #24 overall) and 795 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

  • sfSimplePage:
    • added new configuration option to disable routes generation
    • MOD document new option
  • sfXssSafe:
    • released 1.1.0 version
    • fixed sfXssSafePlugin 0.95 fails to utilize HTML Purifier caching and generates PHP warnings
  • sfGuardSecure:
    • allowes CAPTCHA extra field
  • sfFormExtra:
    • fixed recaptcha URLs
  • apostropheS3Storage:
    • moved the task out to apostrophePlugin
    • debugged the cache feature (read-only cache of the first 8K & results of stat())
    • tests pass when the -aux and -aux2 buckets already exist
  • apostrophe:
    • workaround for potential XSS attack in page titles due to framework bug
    • made Apostrophe load-balancing and cloud-storage friendly
    • button slot no longer does last-minute str_replace on getEmbedCode, which is the old no-longer-supported DOS-friendly thing to do
    • existing video thumbnails are correctly accepted as a default for the file widget again
    • single-image slot no longer relies on the str_replace technique to generate media URLs
    • removed lots of error_log calls
    • new 'absolute' option to getScaledUrl allows absolute URLs to be retrieved
    • if an 'authorize' request is sent to getScaledUrl, return an array with just the URL for the image, rather than just returning true
    • added a context to the symfony cc task during the preCommand event rather than postCommand so that it benefits all postCommand handlers that need a context
    • made very sure we don't try to delete the original when a crop is removed
    • call getOriginalPath when rendering
    • use real routing to generate the local media URLs so that overrides of the routes work as expected
    • added options parameter and prependToRootRelative option to Minify_CSS_UriRewriter::prepend()

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