A week of symfony #277 (16->22 April 2012)

This week Symfony 2.1 introduced its shiny new web debug toolbar. In addition, the second bug-hunt day took place, resulting in tens of bug fixes and surpassing another remarkable milestone: more than 4,000 issues in the official repository.

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • a0d047b: [HttpFoundation] return from Response::prepare() so that the method may be chained
  • b06537e: [FrameworkBundle] refactored router:debug code to use get() when outputting a single route
  • 2a49449: [Form] simplified CSRF mechanism and removed csrf type (CSRF fields are now only added when the view is built)
  • fcb2227: [Form] deprecated FieldType, which has been merged into FormType
  • 46f0393, 6336d93: [Validator] removed return value from ConstraintValidatorInterface::isValid() and renamed method to validate() because of the lack of a return value
  • 1b320c8: [Finder] added not equal operator
  • 3939c90: [FrameworkBundle] fixed TraceableEventDispatcher unable to trace static class callables
  • 8bdff01: [DoctrineBridge, Form] added collection guess for array Doctrine type and array constraint type
  • b7b26af: [DependencyInjection] added IntrospectableContainerInterface::initialized()
  • ccd6bbc: [Form] removed extra CSRF field on collection prototype
  • c578d3a: [Filesystem] fixed makePathRelative on windows with mixed paths
  • 5c059aa: fixed chmod() calls to apply umask
  • e7f1295: [Filesystem] fixed Filesystem::chmod to apply umask properly
  • 082d86e, 218813c: [Finder] added contains() and notContains() methods
  • 94bee7a: [Filesystem] symlink() creates target directories
  • a22f0cd: enhanced FlattenException to include more methods from Exception
  • f7287db: [WebProfilerBundle] deprecated the verbose option for the WDT as this is not needed anymore
  • 9447b84: [Propel1] allowed PropelObjectCollection only in CollectionToArrayTransformer
  • 4ff92b9, 70a6de9: [EventDispatcher] added generic event class
  • f728463: [Finder] fixed the iterators
  • 3937561: [FrameworkBundle] look for translations in %kernel.root_dir%/Resources/%bundle%/translations
  • 01ca0ad: [Propel1] added security layer

2.0.x branch:

  • 6f9c05d: [Locale] completed Stub with intl_error_name
  • 0a60664: [Locale] updated StubIntlDateFormatter::format() exception message when timestamp argument is an array for PHP >= 5.3.4
  • f16ff89: [Locale] fixed StubNumberFormatter::parse() to behave like the NumberFormatter::parse() regarding to error flagging
  • e4cbbf3: [Locale] fixed StubNumberFormatter::format() to behave like the NumberFormatter::parse() regarding to error flagging
  • fab1b5a: [Locale] changed inequality operator to strict checking and updated some assertions
  • 3939c90: [FrameworkBundle] fixed TraceableEventDispatcher unable to trace static class callables
  • cd783fb, 686653a: [HttpKernel] fixed cache vary lookup and write
  • 9b5be1d: [Yaml] fixed tests when iconv and mbstring PHP extensions are not available
  • 7ddc8cb: [FrameworkBundle] monitor added/removed translations files in dev

Repository summary: 4,492 watchers (#1 in PHP, #30 overall) and 1164 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

New plugins

Updated plugins

They talked about us


Hm, maybe tens of bugs but I am tracking github regularly and I do not see any significant progress in eliminating bugs for some time - still 50-56 open issues and 10+ of them marked as "Bug" :/

What am I missing?
"New plugins" and "updated plugins" should at least have the 1.x version appended. It likely confuses newcomers. I would add a "New Bundles," "Updated Bundles" and "Most Active Bundles" sections.

I'm sure KNP Labs would love to provide the data. http://knpbundles.com/

If not, github is awesome.
Indeed, "Updated symfony1 plugins" and "New symfony1 plugins" would be better. :)

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