A week of symfony #291 (23->29 July 2012)

This week, the fourth and last beta of Symfony 2.1 was published. The Form component continued improving its performance and adding some nice features. In addition, the results of the Community Survey 2012 were disclosed.

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Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 9bf3cb4: [HttpFoundation] added support for extended save_path for native files save handler
  • 686bf6b: [Form] made original data of a form and choices accessible in templates
  • 307d99c: [Security] fixed use_referer option not working properly when login_path is a route name
  • 286d03b: [HttpFoundation] fixed HTTP response output buffering handling
  • fb002d8: [Form] fixed variable passing from outer to inner blocks of the same FormView instance
  • eeb66dd: [Form] renamed the internal FormView variables "types" and "full_block_name"
  • 2607390: [Form] fixed SearchAndRenderBlockNode to really ignore empty labels
  • 8053933: [Form] fixed ChoiceList and ObjectChoiceList when choices is a Traversable
  • 6e59e6b: [Form] setData() is now guaranteed to be invoked before bind()
  • d30943c: [FrameworkBundle] switched to parameters for request context host and scheme
  • e659f0e: [OptionsResolver] improved the performance of normalizers
  • b384c82: [HttpFoundation] fixed checking IPv6 address without bit-length of the prefix
  • 76815fe: [HttpFoundation] allowed the targetUrl on a redirect response to be set explicitly
  • f402a16: [FrameworkBundle] made 'web' as the default folder of assets:install command
  • a845a28: [Form] optimized form events to only be created on demand
  • 04cb5bc: [Form] removed the ImmutableFormConfig class to save time spent with copying values
  • 27ab56d: [OptionsResolver] removed LazyOption class and improved performance a tiny bit
  • 173b929: [Form] completely decoupled CoreExtension from HttpFoundation

2.0.x branch:

  • e1f1d3a: [Security] added missing property
  • 76c1e26: moved deps in recommend to suggest
  • 2a3235a: [Validator] fixed group sequence support in the XML and YAML drivers
  • 9f4178b: [Validator] fixed StaticMethodLoader does not try to invoke methods of interfaces anymore
  • 9e28593: [HttpFoundation] fixed a CLOB data related error on Oracle PDO Session Storage

Repository summary: 5,283 watchers (#1 in PHP, #31 overall) and 1442 forks (#1 in PHP, #12 overall).

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great week for Symfony

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