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A week of symfony #304 (22->28 October 2012)

This week Symfony 2.0.18 was released to fix some minor issues and to update some important dependencies. Meanwhile, the master branch added a new SecureRandom generator. In addition, the Symfony CMF project showed some important progress.

Development mailing list

symfony 1 development highlights


  • r33569: [1.4] updated Swiftmailer to the latest 4.1 version
  • r33570: [1.4] fixed Doctrine queries execution time in the profiler

Symfony2 development highlights

2.0 branch:

  • 20898e5: added 'D M d H:i:s Y T' to DateFormats
  • 6f15c47: [ClassLoader] fixed unbracketed namespaces
  • 9872d26: [HttpFoundation] fixed name sanitization after perfoming move

2.1 branch:

  • 039bdfd: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed the use of nested macros
  • 7447ef7: slight refactoring in UrlMatcher

Master branch:

  • 3e58893: [Security] tweaked UsernamePasswordFormAuthenticationListener
  • bd37f24: [Locale] implemented the lenient isser in the StubIntlFormatter
  • 878dd91, 3138332: [Form] added trim listener for unicode whitespace characters
  • 201f3e6: [Form] fixed cannot unset string offsets in CsrfValidationListener
  • e3ceb56: [Form] fixed DoctrineOrmTypeGuesser to guess the "required" option for to-one associations
  • a6b2aa7: [Process] added output / error output incremental getters
  • 537760f: [ClassLoader] fixed comment striping on global namespace classes
  • 0f3126f: [HttpKernel] added lockExists to Store interface, fixed locking bugs, added tests
  • 7914d95: [HttpFoundation] added ability to get the original extension of the file uploaded in UploadedFile
  • 98b68c2: [Console] added possibility to add new input options to console application
  • 7ea2f76, ef26a21: [Process] expose the process status
  • e441411: [Validator] added credit card scheme validator
  • afba15f: [Propel1 Bridge] Translatable field type for Propel i18n columns
  • e5dc7af: moved the secure random class from JMSSecurityExtraBundle to Symfony
  • c0c8972, 248703f, 5cdf696: simplified the Prng code, renamed it to SecureRandom and introduced a SecureRandomInterface
  • 5849855: [Security] moved the secure random dep for remember me as a constructor argument

Repository summary: 5,680 watchers (#1 in PHP, #35 overall) and 1,689 forks (#1 in PHP, #14 overall).

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A week of symfony #304 (22->28 October 2012)

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link to SecureRandom generator is wrong, it points to CMF article
@Massimiliano, thanks for noticing it. It's fixed now (but it's still not updated on the website because of the cache).

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