A week of symfony #325 (18->24 March 2013)

This week Symfony 2.0.23 was released, marking the end of the 2.0 branch support. Meanwhile, the master branch added a way to automatically update scoped services, added a fully rewritten CssSelector component and deprecated tens of methods, properties and classes. Lastly, a new Symfony Docs Hack Day was announced for the following week.

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Symfony2 development highlights

2.1 changelog:

  • 17dc2ff: [HttpRequest] fixed Request::getLanguages() bug
  • e6b7515: [DomCrawler] added support for query string with slash
  • c928ddc: [HttpFoudantion] fixed Request::getPreferredLanguage()
  • 992a440: [Yaml] added unit tests to Dumper
  • 5afea04: [Form] made DefaultCsrfProvider using session_status() when available
  • bbcdfe2: [Yaml] fixed bugs with folded scalar parsing
  • 9875c4b: added '@@' escaping strategy for YamlFileLoader and YamlDumper
  • f52320d: [FrameworkBundle] reused definition variable in FormPass

2.2 changelog:

  • 67b5e1c, 601da45: [ClassLoader] fixed handling of heredocs
  • 39445c5: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed the toolbar styles to apply them in IE8
  • 633c051: [Console] fixed invalid file path for hiddeninput.exe on Windows
  • d015a0f: [DependencyInjection] improved an exception message
  • d35cb9f: [WebProfiler] added the possibility to override the application name/version in the WDT

Master changelog:

  • 57aa3d5: [FrameworkBundle] added --clean option translation:update command, moved operation classes to component and fixed catalogue operation classes
  • a011842, 3674c22: [HttpKernel] fixed memory collector
  • 757194c: [HttpKernel] made the Kernel class more flexible
  • 7c3179a: [HttpKernel] moved the Container compilation for more flexibility
  • ec1e7ca: [DependencyInjection] added a way to automatically update scoped services (a service can now be marked as synchronized; when set, all method calls involving this service will be called each time this service is set)
  • 2ffcfb9: [FrameworkBundle] made the Request service synchronized
  • a7b2b7e, 1b98ad3, ff9d688: fixed Request management for RequestListener, LocaleListener, and FragmentHandler
  • 714ace8: [Finder] introduced AccessDeniedException
  • 5ae76f0: [Console] added Progress helper enhancements
  • 4a2b755: [Routing] added access to querystring in RequestContext
  • 550df5a: moved the request scope creation to the ContainerAwareHttpKernel class
  • 5bb44f5: [HttpFoundation] moved a security check in UploadedFile
  • 67f6397: [Security] removed deprecated classes
  • 0a06a7c: [Translation] removed deprecated classesv
  • 5ff6006: removed deprecated stuff in the fragment sub-framework
  • c28f1b0: removed deprected way to declared trusted proxies
  • 09a5969: [HttpFoundation] removed deprecated Request::splitHttpAcceptHeader() method
  • 4e7943f: [Yaml] removed deprecated support of PHP parsing when parsing YAML files
  • 4a70ddf: [HttpFoundation] removed deprecated session methods
  • 65e3b16, e0385a2: [Validator] removed deprecated constraints and methods
  • b3081e8: [Form] removed deprecated methods and classes
  • 0bb5d01: [FrameworkBundle] removed deprecated cookie options
  • 45bd413: [FrameworkBundle] removed deprecated options
  • 4f4a5d1: [TwigBundle] removed deprecated syntax
  • f2a8908: removed deprecated functionality from RouteCollection
  • 17269e1: [DependencyInjection] fixed management of scoped services with an invalid behavior set to null
  • c46e3e1: added route debug information when path matches url
  • e602122: added plain-text exception to exception page
  • b5597e8: [Security] return 401 when using use_forward for form authentication
  • c6f87d0: [CssSelector] fully rewritted component
  • b4e4844: added possibility to load the serializer component in the service container
  • afd7d05: [Console] added a way to normalize a command display when using the tester

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Also Symfony2 presentation: http://www.kamiladryjanek.com/2013/03/moja-prezentacja-o-symfony2-i-ewolucji-projektowania-aplikacji-w-php/

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