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A Week of Symfony #723 (2-8 November 2020)

This week of Symfony blog post is backed by SensioLabs. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies using Symfony, with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects.

This week, Symfony continued polishing features and fixing bugs for the upcoming Symfony 5.2 version, which will be released at the end of this month. Meanwhile, the SymfonyWorld 2020 online conference announced several keynotes, including a special guest as the last keynote speaker.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 61 pull requests were merged (48 in code and 13 in docs) and 42 issues were closed (38 in code and 4 in docs). See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • ca9ef82: [PHPUnitBridge] fixed crash on Windows with PHP 8
  • ed217a1: [Process] don't test TTY if there is no TTY support
  • 8375eee: [DependencyInjection] improved performances in CircualReference detection
  • 5831ab2: [HttpKernel] fixed session initialized several times
  • 61b3872: [DependencyInjection] fixed circular reference with Factory + Lazy Iterrator
  • 75f8ac1: [Console] fixed ANSI when stdErr is not a tty
  • be8fd56: [ProxyManagerBridge] replaced ProxyManager\Version by feature detection
  • b8a5e48: [DoctrineBridge] fixed DBAL deprecations in middlewares
  • 8898c0f: updated Catalan translation
  • 6576fea, 8bc1c76, 7c319be: updated Azerbaijani translation
  • 821c437, ba7c60b, 23fe33c: updated Hebrew translation
  • 9f19435: updated Portuguese translation
  • cd53800: updated Mongolian translation

5.1 changelog:

  • ff7ffdf: [HttpClient] check status code before decoding content in TraceableResponse
  • b8a5e48: [DoctrineBridge] fixed DBAL deprecations in middlewares
  • 01316d6: [Messenger] fixed DBAL deprecations in PostgreSqlConnection

5.x changelog:

  • 5831ab2: [HttpKernel] fixed session initialized several times
  • 0dfbeb4: [Notifier] added unit tests for NullMessage, NullTransport and NullTransportFactory
  • d658164: [FrameworkBundle] register AddErrorDetailsStampListener from the Messenger component as event subscriber
  • 6251c4e: [HttpFundation, FrameworkBundle] deprecated the HEADER_X_FORWARDED_ALL constant
  • d2bac32: [Messenger] improved formatting of exception in failed message
  • 57e39b4: [Messenger] do not call getQueueUrl when the url is known in AmazonSqs transport
  • dc0d45d: [DoctrineBridge] accept converting Uid-as-strings to db-values
  • 50c7c3d: [Validator] override the default option of the choice constraint
  • 7b4d22f: [FrameworkBundle] allow to use attribute-based configuration of routing/serializer without doctrine/annotations
  • 77c82cf: [Validator] allow load mappings from attributes without doctrine/annotations

Newest issues and pull requests

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