A Week of Symfony #659 (12-18 August 2019)

This week, Symfony added support for an alternative directory convention for bundles which is similar to the one used in full Symfony apps. In addition, it continued adding types for arguments across its entire codebase.

A Week of Symfony #658 (5-11 August 2019)

This week, Symfony continued working on adding compatibility with the latest PHPUnit versions and made the PHPUnit Bridge component act as a polyfill for newest PHPUnit features. The translations of validation messages were also updated for some languages. Finally, Symfony announced some changes for standard version releases to align their end of support for both regular and security issues.

Symfony Maintenance: Changes for Standard Releases

As of Symfony 5.0, we are changing the way we manage security issues for standard releases.

A Week of Symfony #657 (29 July - 4 August 2019)

This week, Symfony development activity focused on adding support for the upcoming PHP 7.4 and 8.0 versions. In addition, lots of tests were updated to add support for PHPUnit 8.