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Updates and new features of the Twig template language used in Symfony and PHP applications.

Twig: Sandbox Information Disclosure

Fixing a vulnerability in Twig's sandbox mode.

Certification Exams for Symfony and Twig are now Online!

We are extremely pleased to announce that the Symfony and Twig certification exams are available online! It means that you can now take the exam from home or from your office!

Twig 1.22.0 released

Twig 1.22.0 released.

Twig 1.21.2 released

Twig 1.21.2 has just been released and contains a fix for a bug that breaks a lot of applications including recent versions of Symfony (2.3 and 2.7 latest releases).

Twig: How to upgrade to 2.0? Deprecation Notices to the Rescue

How to make your code compatible with Twig 2.0?

Security Release: Twig 1.20.0

I've just released Twig 1.20.0 which contains a security vulnerability fix for Twig's Sandbox mode.