Expanding the DX Initiative: Hack Day #2 (Aug 23rd)

tl;dr We've having a hack day on Aug 23rd, we're expanding the DX initiative to include the 30 most useful bundles and we need your help to make Symfony 2.6 incredible!

In June, I talked about making the Symfony Experience Exceptional. I wanted the community to take things to the next level: fill in the missing pieces in between our tools, improve error messages, make things easier and push the bar on documentation around the Symfony world. So many of you answered the call: creating issues, attending the first hack day, making REST easier and a lot more.

So our humble DX (Developer Experience) initiative was born, and it has been busy!

Status Report!

  • Nearly 100 DX issues have been opened over 15 different repositories

  • Over 30 pull requests have been created

  • 9 pull requests have been merged

Hack Day #2: Sat Aug 23rd

On July 5th, we had our first online hack day. We got a lot done and I even watched (and helped) several people make their first contributions to Symfony. Some of these contributions are major and you'll notice them in 2.6.

Obviously, I want to do it again, which is good because we have so much more to do and a tight schedule (see my challenge) below. To make things even more interesting, we're expanding the DX initiative to the 30 Most Useful Bundles.


Saturday Aug 23rd from 9am to 8pm Central European Time (3am to 2pm Eastern Standard Time)


We'll meet on IRC at #symfony-dev on Freenode (not #symfony, we want to keep that open for support).


Hosts WouterJ, javiereguiluz and weaverryan, along with you and all of our Symfony Community friends. Everyone is invited to the hack day. If you are a Symfony expert, we need you! If you are a newcomer and want to learn how to contribute, this is a great opportunity! Newcomers also give us a fresh perspective on problem-solving :).

Then What?

Either Wouter, Javier or I will help make sure you have something to do! Our focus will be:

a) Creating pull requests for a list of DX issues (we'll summarize all the issues we know of before the hack day);

b) Identifying new potential DX issues and creating tickets for them;

c) Identifying other 3rd party bundles that we all use that might need some DX help!

What can I do now? Create Issues!

Create issues on Symfony and the 30 most useful bundles and prefix them with [DX]. This is especially important for bundles: we need to know hwo to improve things!

Special Challenge: What can we Accomplish for Symfony 2.6?

I hope the DX initiative goes on indefinitely. But I also want Symfony 2.6 to make a DX statement: to be easy to use, fast to learn and pure pleasure to work with.

So here's the challenge: report and solve the most critical DX issues for Symfony and its 30 most useful bundles by November.

Time is short, but let's make 2.6 amazing.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

Expanding the DX Initiative: Hack Day #2 (Aug 23rd) symfony.com/blog/expanding-the-dx-initiative-hack-day-2-aug-23rd

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On the top 30 bundles list, you have LiipImagineBundle (#8 with 22%) and AvalancheImagineBundle (#22 with 5%).

Ryan, I'm not sure you're aware that LiipImagineBundle is a fork for AvalancheImagineBundle. Since LiipImagineBundle is far more advanced, maybe we could have another bundle instead of Avalanche in the DX initiative?

I've got nothing against Avalanche, it's just, creating issues on both bundles and solveing them on both seems redudant to me, especially when the upgrade from Avalanche to Liip is so easy.
Hey @Piotr!

Yea, there is also a duplicate for pagination in the list, and maybe a few others. I think we will need to adopt one official one (LiipImagineBundle is a clear winner in that case) and only focus our efforts there. I'll make sure that this is reflected - at the very least - by not putting issues for things like AvalancheImagineBundle on the list.


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