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Security Release: Symfony 2.0.6

Symfony 2.0.6 has just been released. It addresses a security vulnerability in the EntityUserProvider as provided in the Doctrine bridge.

If you let your users update their login/username from a form, and if you are using Doctrine as a user provider, then you are vulnerable and you should upgrade as soon as possible.

The issue is that it is possible for a user to switch to another one. Here is how to reproduce it: The current user changes its username via a form to another existing username. When the form is submitted, he will have a validation error (as the username already exists) but the user object in the session will still be modified to the new username. This user from the session will be used for the next requests and so the user will be switched to this other user.

The fix is to always refresh the user via the primary key (which cannot be updated via a form) instead of the username.

If you cannot upgrade immediately, please apply the following patch:

The CHANGELOG has all the details about all the other changes and you can have a look at the full diff.

If you are starting a new project, you can get the Symfony Standard Edition distribution on the download page.

If you already have a project based on the Symfony Standard Edition 2.0.x, you can easily upgrade to 2.0.6 by getting the new deps and deps.lock files.

Then, run the vendors script:

$ ./bin/vendors install

And don't forget to clear your cache:

$ php ./app/console cache:clear

Remember that the Symfony2 Components are also available as standalone libraries. You can get them via their dedicated read-only repositories on Github ( for instance), install them via PEAR (pear install symfony2/Finder), or even install them via Composer.

As we've stated in the past, please report security-related issues to security [at] symfony-project [dot] com rather than posting them directly to Github. This will give the core team the opportunity to review and address the issue before word gets out.

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If you have found a security issue in Symfony, please send the details to security [at] and don't disclose it publicly until we can provide a fix for it.
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Small hint: you can get patches (or diffs) from github directly by simply appending ".patch" (or ".diff") to the url. So, to get a patch file for the security related commit:

I have problem with refreshing the logged user via security context by username. It seems like the $entity in method getIdentifierValues of Doctrine/Orm/Mapping/ClassMetaData.php should have 'id' value (from Token ?) or maybe should be more elements in $this->identifier ?, also the $this->isIdentifierComposite is false.

What's wrong ?

Sorry for my bad english.
For any ODM users, here is a (hopefully soon to be merged) pull request on DoctrineMongoDBBundle with the equivalent security fix:
how come Sektion Eins didn't detect this vulnerability during the security audit?
Thanks guys!
Horacio: either this bug was introduced after the audit or this is such an edge case that you couldn't find it without some real-world experience (which I think how it was detected).
I'm agreed with Horacio. But it's true that it isn't a common case.
If you are using the FOSUserBundle, you'll have no problem because the user is always refreshed.
Thanks for the fix. Best regards from Uruguay
Cudos to me for finding this issue ;)
Oh and +1 Jeremy Mikola's ODM push to be released asap.
If EntityUserProvider->refreshUser() returns null, the ContextListener->refreshUser() will encounter an uncaught exception when trying to set the token's user to null.
I've tried to update it on my Windows machine but it fails:

fatal: ambiguous argument 'v2.0.6': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
Use '--' to separate paths from revisions

If I delete the vendors/symfony directory I get the following error message:

Cloning into D:\data\htdocs\smartcamp\Symfony/vendor/symfony...
warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.

fatal: ambiguous argument 'v2.0.6': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
Use '--' to separate paths from revisions
fatal: bad default revision 'HEAD'

Any idea how I can solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.
OK, didn't changed anything and tried it again today.. et voilà, it just worked.

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