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symfony 1.x documentation

The symfony 1.x branch end of maintenance is approaching fast. The "old" website still enjoys a good amount of traffic and mostly for its documentation section.

As of today, all symfony 1.x documentation has been moved to, under a new "Docs for symfony 1.x" section. This new section holds all the documentation for symfony 1.x, even the good old askeet tutorial!

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Thanks ! And what about the API ?
Nice :)

Just noticed that the legacy CSS looks a bit funky (example: - h3's don't have padding/margins anymore.
+1 where is the api doc?
+1 for the api doc
@Bernhard: fixed now

The API is still available on and I don't have any plan to move it over to
Thank you so much merci 1000x for symfony1, which is alive and well in several sites at the college library I used to work at. It's still a very useful product even alongside s2.
I hope the docs will remain on because I have so many bookmarks to pages within the all the docs. If you do plan on shutting down all the docs, can you please keep the same url structure and perhaps just put in a redirect. I can't imagine how many bookmarks I have and I really don't have the time to change them all. Thanks!
Thank you Fabien, for keeping Symfony 1 around. We appreciate your efforts, and I think the community would be super happy if we got maintenance for another year ;)
All the old URLs still work as we have setup redirects from the old ones to the new ones.

I've also just added a link to the API on
Thank you very much for taking care of the legacy version.

The doctrine1 documentation (which had been dropped from is available here:

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