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Symfony 2.1.3 released

Warning: Symfony 2.1 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

I like numbers: they are hard facts that demonstrates the popularity of Symfony and the commitment of its community. During the last month, I've merged 71 pull requests from 47 contributors, representing 181 commits, for the Symfony 2.0 and 2.1 branches. That's the story of Symfony 2.1.3.

Grab Symfony 2.1.3 from the download page or update your applications through Composer:

$ composer.phar update symfony/symfony
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A link to the Changelog would be appreciated ;)
Thanks for the release.
That composer command will put you on a dev branch, not on the tagged version 2.1.3:

[cadev01 mbadolato ~/main/cms master]$ git status
# On branch master
nothing to commit, working directory clean
[cadev01 mbadolato ~/main/cms master]$ git checkout -b symfony_2.1.3
Switched to a new branch 'symfony_2.1.3'
[cadev01 mbadolato ~/main/cms symfony_2.1.3]$ composer update symfony/symfony
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies
- Removing twig/twig (v1.9.2)
- Installing twig/twig (dev-master bcf850d)
Cloning bcf850da509b4e9bdec8c2cce9c3cf4587d85b58

- Removing doctrine/common (2.3.0)
- Installing doctrine/common (2.3.x-dev bb0aebb)
Cloning bb0aebbf234db52df476a2b473d434745b34221c

- Removing symfony/symfony (v2.1.2)
- Installing symfony/symfony (2.1.x-dev 297e00a)
Cloning 297e00afb4f031ff42ddec6307ecefb411b6f0cc

Writing lock file
Generating autoload files
Clearing the cache for the dev environment with debug true
Installing assets using the hard copy option
Installing assets for Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle into web/bundles/framework
Installing assets for Mopa\Bundle\BootstrapBundle into web/bundles/mopabootstrap
Installing assets for Cms\CoreBundle into web/bundles/core
Installing assets for Symfony\Bundle\WebProfilerBundle into web/bundles/webprofiler
Installing assets for Sensio\Bundle\DistributionBundle into web/bundles/sensiodistribution
Checking Symlink ... OK
[cadev01 mbadolato ~/main/cms symfony_2.1.3]$ app/console --version
Symfony version 2.1.4-DEV - app/dev/debug
Open composer.json. Look for "minimum-stability" near the bottom of the file. Change "dev" to "stable".

Update again and composer will update to stable versions not development versions.
i'm getting error with commande php composer.phar update if i use "stable" in "minimum-stability" part.
Set minimum-stability to "alpha".
Most of the vendor bundles will be stable, I only have "kriswallsmith/assetic" and "twig/extensions" as alpha-versions with this setting. Composer updates nicely with this :)
Update Composer first:
php composer.phar self-update

Then just running the update symfony/symfony command also put me onto Symfony 2.1.4-DEV...

*Set minimum-stability to "alpha"* got me back onto 2.1.3
(I had to delete vendor and composer.lock)

Thanks for that tip - worked for me :-)
Composer just removes my namespace.php file and replace it with fresh one instead of updating it ?

This will break my current custom vendors. Suchj as cacheBundle. It says "There is no extension able to load the configuration for "cache""

I did :
php composer.phar self-update

Then :
- Remove my composer.lock file and my vendor folder
- Change "dev" to "alpha"
- php composer.phar update

And i get this :
vendor/symfony/symfony/df56161661611 is not a zip archive

Did anyone solve this problem ?
why not set specific version in composer.json

"symfony/symfony": "2.1.3",
When I substitute '2.1.3' for '2.1.x' in my composer.json, I get this when I run composer:

Problem 1
- Can only install one of: symfony/symfony v2.1.3, symfony/symfony 2.1.x-dev.
- Can only install one of: symfony/symfony v2.1.3, symfony/symfony 2.1.x-dev.
- Installation request for symfony/symfony 2.1.3 -> satisfiable by symfony/symfony v2.1.3.
- Installation request for symfony/symfony == 2.1.9999999.9999999-dev -> satisfiable by symfony/symfony 2.1.x-dev.

Nothing in my composer.json and nothing in my composer.lock refers to '2.1.9999999.9999999-dev' so I don;t know what requirement is getting in the way.

It would sure be nice if the symfony2 wizards could explain how to do an update without updating to the dev branch of messing up other dependencies.
I did this:

1. Download Symfony without vendors
2. Unpack the archive
3. open composer.json
4. Changed minimum-stability to stable
5. Installed composer.phar
6. Run composer.phar install

Voila! All packages installed are stable versions.
Thanks to all symfony developers for the release.
Ahmad, still have my "is not a zip archive" problem" :/
hello, not working php composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition path/ 2.1.3. I've got:
The "" file
could not be downloaded (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)
Working - Thanks @Chris Banford
Thanks for the great work Fabien!
Merci pour cette release
A hyperlink to the Changelog could be preferred ;)
On "composer.phar update symfony/symfony" I get error:

proc_open(): CreateProcess failed, error code - 267

How to solve it?
I have the same error:
Nothing to install or update
proc_open(): CreateProcess failed, error code - 267
proc_open(): CreateProcess failed, error code - 267

The error has been resolved. Described here:

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