Symfony 2.2.0 RC3 released

Since Symfony 2.2.0 RC2 was released, we have fixed some bugs mainly on the new features (the full diff is available on Github):

  • b2080c4: [HttpFoundation] Remove Cache-Control when using https download via IE<9 (fixes #6750)
  • b7bd630: [Form] Fixed TimeType not to render a "size" attribute in select tags
  • 368f62f: Expanded fault-tolerance for unusual cookie dates
  • 171cff0: [FrameworkBundle] Fix a BC for Hinclude global template
  • 3e40c17: [HttpKernel] fixed locale management when exiting sub-requests
  • 3933912: fixed HInclude renderer (closes #7113)
  • 189fba6: Removed some leaking deprecation warning in the Form component
  • d0e4b76: [HttpFoundation] fixed, overwritten CONTENT_TYPE
  • 609636e: [Config] tweaked dumper to indent multi-line info
  • 0eff68f: Fix REMOTE_ADDR for cached subrequests
  • 54d7d25: [HttpKernel] hinclude fragment renderer must escape URIs properly to return valid html
  • f842ae6: [FrameworkBundle] CSRF should be on by default
  • cb319ac: [HttpKernel] added error display suppression when using the ErrorHandler (if not, errors are displayed twice, refs #6254)
  • de0f7b7: [HttpFoundation] Added getter for httpMethodParameterOverride state

Symfony 2.2.0 RC3 should be the last release candidate and 2.2.0 final should be released next week.

If you want to give it a try:

  • Create a new project via Composer (recommended):

    $ php composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition somewhere/ 2.2.0-RC3
  • Download a ready-made project from the Standard Edition;

  • Download some components via Github downloads:{COMPONENT_NAME}/archive/;

  • Install some components via the PEAR packages.

If you already have a project on RC2, just upgrade your dependencies.


You can install components with Composer too:

$ php composer.phar require symfony/{component-name}
I've just post another cleaner way on github to fixe #6750. With the 'Accept-Ranges' header, it avoid to use specific user agent headers.

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