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Symfony 2.4.1 released

Warning: Symfony 2.4 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.4.1 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #9938 [Process] Add support SAPI cli-server (peter-gribanov)
  • bug #9940 [EventDispatcher] Fix hardcoded listenerTag name in error message (lemoinem)
  • bug #9923 [DoctrineBridge] Fixed an issue with DoctrineParserCache (florianv)
  • bug #9908 [HttpFoundation] Throw proper exception when invalid data is passed to JsonResponse class (stloyd)
  • bug #9902 [Security] fixed pre/post authentication checks (fabpot)
  • bug #9910 fixed missing use statements (fabpot)
  • bug #9895 [Intl] Added round support for ROUND_CEILING, ROUND_FLOOR, ROUND_DOWN, ROUND_UP (pamil)
  • bug #9899 [Filesystem | WCM] 9339 fix stat on url for filesystem copy (cordoval)
  • bug #9589 [DependencyInjection] Fixed #9020 - Added support for collections in service#parameters (lavoiesl)
  • bug #9889 [Console] fixed column width when using the Table helper with some decoration in cells (fabpot)
  • bug #9323 [DomCrawler]fix #9321 Crawler::addHtmlContent add gbk encoding support (bronze1man)
  • bug #8997 [Security] Fixed problem with losing ROLE_PREVIOUS_ADMIN role. (pawaclawczyk)
  • bug #9557 [DoctrineBridge] Fix for cache-key conflict when having a Traversable as choices (DRvanR)
  • bug #9879 [Security] Fix ExceptionListener to catch correctly AccessDeniedException if is not first exception (fabpot)
  • bug #9885 [Dependencyinjection] Fixed handling of inlined references in the AnalyzeServiceReferencesPass (fabpot)
  • bug #9884 [DomCrawler] Fixed creating form objects from named form nodes (jakzal)
  • bug #9882 Add support for HHVM in the getting of the PHP executable (fabpot)
  • bug #9850 [Validator] Fixed IBAN validator with 0750447346 value (stewe)
  • bug #9865 [Validator] Fixes message value for objects (jongotlin)
  • bug #9441 [Form][DateTimeToArrayTransformer] Check for hour, minute & second validity (egeloen)
  • bug #9720 [FrameworkBundle] avoid tables to have apparently long blank line breaks and be too far appart for long nested array params (cordoval)
  • bug #9867 #9866 [Filesystem] Fixed mirror for symlinks (COil)
  • bug #9806 [Security] Fix parent serialization of user object (ddeboer)
  • bug #9834 [DependencyInjection] Fixed support for backslashes in service ids. (jakzal)
  • bug #9826 fix #9356 [Security] Logger should manipulate the user reloaded from provider (matthieuauger)
  • feature #9775 [FrameworkBundle] Added extra details in XMLDescriptor to improve container description (Exelenz)
  • bug #9771 Crawler default namespace fix (crudecki)
  • bug #9769 [BrowserKit] fixes #8311 CookieJar is totally ignorant of RFC 6265 edge cases (jzawadzki)
  • bug #9697 [Config] fix 5528 let ArrayNode::normalizeValue respect order of value array provided (cordoval)
  • bug #9701 [Config] fix #7243 allow 0 as arraynode name (cordoval)
  • bug #9795 [Form] Fixed issue in BaseDateTimeTransformer when invalid timezone cause Trans... (tyomo4ka)
  • bug #9714 [HttpFoundation] BinaryFileResponse should also return 416 or 200 on some range-requets (SimonSimCity)
  • bug #9601 [Routing] Remove usage of deprecated _scheme requirement (Danez)
  • bug #9489 [DependencyInjection] Add normalization to tag options (WouterJ)
  • bug #9135 [Form] [Validator] fix maxLength guesser (franek)
  • bug #9790 [Filesystem] Changed the mode for a target file in copy() to be write only (jakzal)
  • bug #9758 [Console] fixed TableHelper when cell value has new line (k-przybyszewski)
  • bug #9760 [Routing] Fix router matching pattern against multiple hosts (karolsojko)
  • bug #9768 [FrameworkBundle] Fixed bug in XMLDescriptor (Exelenz)
  • bug #9700 [ExpressionLanguage] throw exception when parameters contain expressions (aitboudad)
  • bug #9674 [Form] rename to (craue)
  • bug #9722 [Validator]Fixed getting wrong msg when value is an object in Exception (aitboudad)
  • bug #9750 allow TraceableEventDispatcher to reuse event instance in nested events (evillemez)
  • bug #9718 [validator] throw an exception if isn't an instance of ConstraintValidatorInterface. (aitboudad)
  • bug #9716 Reset the box model to content-box in the web debug toolbar (stof)
  • bug #9711 [FrameworkBundle] Allowed "0" as a checkbox value in php templates (jakzal)

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Nice work everyone.
good job :)

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