Symfony 2.4.3 released

Warning: Symfony 2.4 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.4.3 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #10586 Fixes URL validator to accept single part urls (merk)
  • bug #10591 [Form] Buttons are now disabled if their containing form is disabled (webmozart)
  • bug #10587 [Process] Fix Process test suite (romainneutron)
  • bug #10579 HHVM fixes (fabpot)
  • bug #10564 fixed the profiler when an uncalled listener throws an exception when instantiated (fabpot)
  • bug #10568 [Form] Fixed hashing of choice lists containing non-UTF-8 characters (webmozart)
  • bug #10536 Avoid levenshtein comparison when using ContainerBuilder. (catch56)
  • bug #10549 Fixed server values in BrowserKit (fabpot)
  • bug #10540 [HttpKernel] made parsing controllers more robust (fabpot)
  • bug #10545 [DependencyInjection] Fixed YamlFileLoader imports path (jrnickell)
  • bug #10523 [Debug] Check headers sent before sending PHP response (GromNaN)
  • bug #10363 [FrameworkBundle][Console] Fix issue #10345 container:debug --parameter="" not working anymore (FineWolf)
  • bug #10275 [Validator] Fixed ACE domain checks on UrlValidator (#10031) (aeoris)
  • bug #10123 handle array root element (greg0ire)
  • bug #10532 Fixed regression when using Symfony on filesystems without chmod support (fabpot)
  • bug #10502 [HttpKernel] Fix #10437: Catch exceptions when reloading a no-cache request (romainneutron)
  • bug #10493 Fix libxml_use_internal_errors and libxml_disable_entity_loader usage (romainneutron)
  • bug #9784 [HttpFoundation] Removed ini check to make Uploadedfile work on Google App Engine (micheleorselli)
  • bug #10416 [Form] Allow options to be grouped by objects (felds)
  • bug #10410 [Form] Fix "Array was modified outside object" in ResizeFormListener. (Chekote)
  • bug #10494 [Validator] Minor fix in IBAN validator (sprain)
  • bug #10491 Fixed bug that incorrectly causes the "required" attribute to be omitted from select even though it contains the "multiple" attribute (fabpot)
  • bug #10479 [Process] Fix escaping on Windows (romainneutron)
  • bug #10480 [Process] Fixed fatal errors in getOutput and getErrorOutput when process was not started (romainneutron)
  • bug #10420 [Process] Make Process::start non-blocking on Windows platform (romainneutron)
  • bug #10455 [Process] Fix random failures in test suite on TravisCI (romainneutron)
  • bug #10448 [Process] Fix quoted arguments escaping (romainneutron)
  • bug #10444 [DomCrawler] Fixed incorrect value name conversion in getPhpValues() and getPhpFiles() (romainneutron)
  • bug #10423 [Config] XmlUtils::convertDomElementToArray does not handle '0' (bendavies)
  • bug #10153 [Process] Fixed data in pipe being truncated if not read before process termination (astephens25)
  • bug #10429 [Process] Fix #9160 : escaping an argument with a trailing backslash on windows fails (romainneutron)
  • bug #10412 [Process] Fix process status in TTY mode (romainneutron)
  • bug #10382 10158 get vary multiple (bbinkovitz)
  • bug #10251 [Form] Fixes empty file-inputs getting treated as extra field. (jenkoian)
  • bug #10284 [HttpKernel] Fix issue #10209 (stephpy)
  • bug #10351 [HttpKernel] fix stripComments() normalizing new-lines (sstok)
  • bug #10348 Update FileLoader to fix issue #10339 (msumme)
  • bug #10306 [Serializer] Throw exception when unable to normalize embedded object (gquemener)
  • bug #10338 [ExpressionLanguage] Fixed evaluation of short circuit operators (florianv)
  • bug #10146 [WebProfilerBundle] fixed parsing Mongo DSN and added Test for it (malarzm)
  • bug #10299 [Finder] () is also a valid delimiter (WouterJ)
  • bug #10255 [FrameworkBundle] Fixed wrong redirect url if path contains some query parameters (pulzarraider)
  • bug #10285 Bypass sigchild detection if phpinfo is not available (Seldaek)
  • bug #10269 [Form] Revert "Fix "Array was modified outside object" in ResizeFormListener." (norzechowicz)
  • bug #10231 [Console] removed problematic regex (fabpot)
  • bug #10245 [DomCrawler] Added support for <area> tags to be treated as links (shamess)
  • bug #10232 [Form] Fix "Array was modified outside object" in ResizeFormListener. (Chekote)

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Great news
Great news. Thanks.
After the 2.3.12, the 2.4.3. Thanks, so much fixes !
There are also symfony-standard distribution updates. I also GitHub compare tool and check for changed files of symfony-standard:
After update I get:

The service "swiftmailer.mailer.default.transport" has a dependency on a non-existent service "swiftmailer.transport.buffer".

Could you help me, please?
Thanks for everyone involved!

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