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Symfony 2.5.0 released

Warning: Symfony 2.5 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.5.0 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #11014 [Validator] Remove property and method targets from the optional and required constraints (jakzal)
  • bug #10983 [DomCrawler] Fixed charset detection in html5 meta charset tag (77web)

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This is first two changes from 2.4.6 release. Is this correct changelog?
Denis try this:
The "most important changes" shown here are the 2 new changes since 2.5.0 RC1.

Fabien, it would be nice if this post listed the most important new features
I guess these messages are automatic :)
Thanks for this release. Updating in progress. In the meantime here is also Symfony Development Visualization:
Congrats to everyone :)
After update:
$this->createForm(...) and $this->createFormBuilder(...) failed if I use the new feature in config.yml "framework: validation: api: 2.5"
I have an error with FOSUserBundle during connexion (check route) and this 2.4.5 (not 2.4.4 and earlier) :

ContextErrorException: Warning: Erroneous data format for unserializing 'MyOwnBundle\Entity\User' in /myproject/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Mapping/ClassMetadataInfo.php line 869
Autocorrect : it was the 2.5 version, but after a few test, this is not symfony, either not FOS, but my webhost OVH (mutualise) with their new verison of PHP 5.5.13 and 5.4.29 (previously 5.5.11 was stable)
Bug for generate Repositories:
php app\console doctrine:generate:entities Bundle
@Benjamin Marquant : I have the same problem on ovh, how did you solve the problem?

in french : j'ai le même problème sur ovh, comment as-tu résolu le problème ?
As I can see this new release contains mostly bugfixes which feels more like 2.4.7. Was minor point version increased because of release schedule or did I miss some secret changelog that contains description of new features?
I should have mentioned that the list of new features were listed in the first beta release:
I proud to be a symfony developer.....awesome development....the upgradation was very simple using composer...thanks to sensio team
great php framework, it's my first choice for php project.

I try to install symfony 2.5 with composer buy this message appear.

Could not find package symfony/framework-standard-edition with version 2.5.0.
Updated with composer, but now I always get this message:
An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Case mismatch between loaded and declared class names: Unipiaget\DbBundle\Entity\pages vs Unipiaget\DbBundle\Entity\Pages") in UnipiagetAdminBundle:Users:index.html.twig at line 12.
I upgraded to version 2.5 but the bar in symfony 2.2.11 dev puts me. Reason why it can happen?

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