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Symfony2: 2.0 RC4 released

Symfony 2.0 RC4 is now available for download. This release candidate fixes some minor bugs but the main change comes from Doctrine annotations. If you are using the Symfony Standard Edition, you must update your autoload.php file by adding the following code:

// at the top of the file
use Doctrine\Common\Annotations\AnnotationRegistry;

// at the end of the file
AnnotationRegistry::registerLoader(function($class) use ($loader) {
    return class_exists($class, false);

Some bundles have also been renamed to better follow the naming conventions. So, to upgrading a Symfony Standard Edition application, update both the deps and deps.lock files:

Then, run the vendors script:

./bin/vendors install

After upgrading, don't forget to clear your cache:

php ./app/console cache:clear
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Just as a note in case anyone is confused, no bundle was renamed, only the GitHub repositories were renamed in some cases.

In case you added more third party bundles in your project, this rename also affected FriendsOfSymfony/FOS bundles, and some other ones.
Perfect !!!
It would be nice if you could additionally include the GitHub compare links in future posts for the lazy peoples ;-)
Cool, thanks!
Great News!

Another step closer to Final Version I hope :)
FYI, This update introduces a dependency on Doctrine for routing annotations. Previously you only needed doctrine-common to use routing annotations.
Just a note for some people who may run into issues with a "Fatal.. not a git repository..". ozmerk recommended me to delete the vendor folder. that seemed to work for me.
Great that I can now use any number of dots in my template's filenames, upgrading the doctrine annotations is also very welcome.

Keep up the great work, Symfers! One framework to rule them all ;)!
Yii is better anyway :p
: D...
After i updated, now every latin char from my databse is encoded as unicode and not as UTF-8.

I have everything set to utf-8.

The accented letter i for example is returned like this: \u00c3\u00ada from the database. Idk how to fix this.
Well apparently it only happens when i json_encode the data... this is weird.
If i echo the data directly from the database it looks good, but if i json_encode it, all latin characters look like \u00c3\u00ada etc...

mabe is not Symfony related, but it was working before i pudated the files, and now it's not working... not much thinking to do, the update must had something to do with it. Mabe some weird php charset configuration was done?
This is weird, look, using the old Symfony, when i echo this char json_encoded:

char = "í"
plain php: json_encode( char ) = \u00ed
old symfony: json_encode( char ) = \u00ed
new symfony: json_encode( char ) = \u00c3\u00ad
Seems as if the deps and deps.lock point to RC5-DEV instead of RC4
Ok, it's solved, in case anyone else had the same problem, i solved it by DELETING the property doctrine.dbal.charset from the config.yml

Idk how this got solved by deleting that, i will investigate that by myself, but anyway...
When will it be final????
Can't wait to get stable Symfony 2
Good luck with this project
Symfony2 is fine for most projects now! I've already built 3 production applications with it and haven't experienced any deal breakers so far. It is still very much stable enough for low-mid risk projects. Excellent framework! Just make sure you lock it down during development of your app so you don't have to worry about constant changes. Update in-between projects.
As Nick already pointed out, locks are on RC5-DEV.

There's also a regression in the JMS/SecurityExtraBundle it seems - "Hello World" login demo page, login in as "user", follow the link for "Admin Only" and voila: "Hello World secured for Admins only!" - not what you'd like to see in production...
Since I upgraded to this version, my validation annotations don't seem to work anymore. I get errors like "[Semantical Error] The annotation "@Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraint\File" in property [...] does not exist, or could not be auto-loaded.". Anyone has this problem too?

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