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Symfony2: Beta1 available!

A month ago, I announced that the final version of Symfony2 was delayed. At that time, we were eagerly waiting for the merge of the new form framework. And I can tell you that it was worth the wait. Bernhard has done a fantastic job and I'm confident that you will love the new version.

All features of Symfony 2.0 are now available. That means that we can finally enter the long-awaited beta/RC release cycle that will eventually lead to the release of the shiny 2.0 version.

Beta means that all features are not stable yet. Beta also means that we will break backward compatibility only for good reasons and that all the breaks will be explained and documented in the UPDATE file to ease the migration path of existing applications.

Download Symfony 2.0 Standard Edition beta1, read the quick tour, or dive into the book.

Oh, and don't forget to give us feedback. Tell us about the remaining pain points, create tickets for bugs, contribute patches, ...

Like with the preview releases, we will release often, probably once a week. And depending on the feedback we will have, I expect the beta phase to last a month or so. The first release candidate will be released when all blocking bugs will be closed and when the documentation will be complete.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


great to hear that news.

Congrats to all!
Very cool! My first – indeed very small – symfony 2.0 project based on the standard edition is already online ( I love the Twig integration and I'm now very curious about the beta1.
Great news!!...Proving it
Fantastic news! Thanks and congratulations!
congrats, it looks really nice.

Are there more bundles going to be included as part of the standard distro before release? Like pagination for example.
That is marvelous!
I will try symfony2 soon!
We have decided to delay the decision on which Bundles to include. There are some candidates I can think of, but they all need to have top notch docs and tests along with top notch code. Though the currently shipped Bundles also need to be improved in that regard.
That's fantastic news! Thanks!
Very nice, congrats.

One note: my test site is working on port 81, and this causes debug bar not show up, because it tries to oad it from instead from
Great weekend news and grats to the whole team!
One question: will there be askeet like tutorial for symfony2? Thx
Am I the only one, who uses databases?
The documentation is practically zero, so you have to find out, all by your own. I tried to connect with MSSQL and it took me 4 days, to get symfony2 and doctrine2 to do, what I want.
I had to install a new webserver on windows, because I didn´t get Propel/Doctrine to work on Linux with MSSQL.
IS there nobody, who uses MSSQL with Symfony2 and Propel/Doctrine? Google, my friend, left me alone. I didn´t find any real good example, how to connect Symfony2 with a database.
Everyone is playing around with Symfony2, but no one seems to use it in real world.

I partly agree with what you're saying.

I wouldn't say that no one uses it for production. Just take a look at the case studies ( I think Symfony 2 is probably the most powerful PHP MVC framework out there.

However, it is still very French in its conception (as in "hmmm... let's try and make this easy thing very complicated"), and I'm still hoping for a dead simple config system, especially as far as orm and db use is concerned.

To my mind, this is because Symfony is mainly the work of a single person - I suspect teamwork (as opposed to "delegation work") is not very much used in development. So in the end, Symfony fits the mind of its creator, not that of many people.

Finally, I think that Symfony lacks good documentation, and a strong and enthusiast community - such as that we can find around the rails project - who can produce tutorials, screencasts, plugins and all.

I really have great hopes for Symfony 2 (I'm a Frenchman myself, and I'm proud of this product - Cocorico !). But the flaws I've just pinpointed need to be adressed before Symfony becomes a killer, or, let's just dream, a standard.
BTW, @Andy, have a look here in the near future, I think this tutorial will help :
At least!!!
Best news of this year! (yet)
@Ced: You could not be farther from the truth. Symfony2 is the PHP framework that has the bigger core team. Just have a look at the number of regular contributors (, the number of pull requests we have on an every day basis (Symfony is the most popular PHP project on Github). Numbers speak for themselves. And as a matter of fact, I have not contributed to Doctrine2 in any way; not a single line of code.

Also, keep in mind that Symfony2 is still in beta; so the documentation is not complete yet, but we are working hard to improve things as fast as we can.
meus parabéns!!!
Thanks for these great news, FabPot.

For those that complain, Symfony2 is still under development so tutorial are by no means first priority, and when everything could change in any moment, writing tutorials are not that rewarding. Just look at Symfony 1.x, there is twice official docs than any other PHP Framework, and that is the reason I choosed it.

Docs about Database stuff is there, just open at least 1 eye. And Doctrine is a project appart.

Is Symfony2 for a self person development? For God sake, Symfony2 is the most PHP "teamly" driven Framework. Bundles and components are so decoupled, and so MVC that develpement teams are loving it.

Yes, I know I break rule #1: do not feed the troll :D

Thanks to everybody for this hard work!
Felicitaciones gente!!

Gracias por su gran esfuerzo!

Thanks for your hard work!!
@umpirsky I got caught out by this as well, you have to add http_port: 81 to your framework > router configuration
Fantastic news!

The timing is perfect, starting up a new project in a week or two and that will be the perfect way to learn the new candy that you guys have prepared for us. Thanks a lot to all people involved in Symfony 2!
I definitly LIKE this project!
I gave it a try, its great. The biggest pain is still the very detached security layer, where the firewall does not know about routes but requires its own patterns and where Firewall/UserProvider/UserManager are super abstracted but for a very specific use-case (db with username/password/salt). This forces me to rewrite major pieces of the architecture, very un-DRY.
Me estoy iniciando con Symfony y voy a empezar con la versión 2 directamente.
@fabien: Sorry, I realize I was wrong. I was speaking with little knowledge of the project. I checked what you said, and I must admit I went a bit far... Makes me more enthusiast about Symfony2 (and more proud of being French).

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