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Symfony2: Beta4 available

As announced last week, I'm proud to announce the Symfony2 beta4 release.

This release comes with one big change that makes the Event Dispatcher more flexible. If you have defined your own event listeners, read the UPDATE file and learn how to upgrade your applications.

As for any other beta version, beta4 focus has been on enhancing the user experience with better error messages, lots of tweaks, and bug fixes.

I'm also very proud of the work accomplished by the documentation team, led by Ryan Weaver. The book is now almost finished with the addition of the great new Doctrine chapter. We also have added an index to help you find the information you are looking for.

If you are curious about what has changed, have a look at the diff.

Download it now!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Wow, i just was reading the doctrine chapter of book and woah!, error 404... but nope, its just the new release of symfony and new chapter of doctrine in book !!!

Now, to start reading again :D
Good news. i ve been waiting to see the book in symfony2 since i first heard about the symfony2 framework.

Thanks all of you.
Well, I didn't expect it this week :D I am happy now
ThX for all!

...The book as a PDF to download?
New and shiny release, trying it now!
Make documentation a PDF file please.
This new doctrine documentation awesome, topics are described in a manner (better say order) that suites those who really want to learn. Good Job.
HTML & PDF Document downloadable , please!
Great job! I just take a day off and today i find a new release, wow that's a amazing job .. well done ;)
Awesome! Great Doctrine tutorial. Can't wait for the stable release!! Amazing job guys, thanks a lot.
Stable rellease ? Any ideea when ?
Hi... very nice... but I think you should find an easy way for upgrade and update new Symfony release... like rails for example.

However thank you for work for all.
thanks for your hard works!

We Chinese PHP programmer hope you'll lineup the stable SYMFONY2 earlier !

We're now study your perfect tutorial , and like your article .

We know you're the best framework in the world and symfony is the only one which is much like the ROR , so we congrats and appreciate the symfony2.

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