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Symfony2 final version... we are not there yet

If you don't participate to the weekly IRC meetings and if you have not attended the Symfony Live Conference last week in Paris, you might have missed an important announcement. The Symfony core team has decided to delay the release of the Symfony2 final version. It has been a tough decision to make of course but we think that there is no point in rushing out Symfony2. We also think that this is indeed a good news for the project. Why? Because during the last few months, more and more great developers have joined the Symfony2 team. They give us great feedback on a day to day basis and as a result, the activity on the Git repository has been quite intense during the last few weeks. To back my words, let's just say that we have merged more than 300 pull requests in the last month alone and that more than 150 different developers have contributed in one way or another to Symfony2. This is fantastic, but it also means that we need a bit more time to stabilize all the changes we have made recently.

The core architecture is now stable, except for a few changes in the naming conventions that will be done in the coming days. It is really important that the core team is confident that the core architecture of Symfony2 is flexible enough as we will keep backward compatibility on it for the next few years.

We know that many of you are impatient and want to play with the framework. The good news is that it has never been easier to do so. The ninth preview release is now available for download. As we slow down the number of changes in the core framework, it is easier for us to release more frequently. It's also better as the documentation evolves quickly and it only documents the master version of the framework.

Upgrading from one preview release to the next one is now easier, thanks to the new UPDATE document (Japanese version).

So, why not at least release the first beta? Because we are waiting for the last big modification that will possibly be merged: the form framework refactoring. The first beta version will be released after we take the decision (probably at the end of this week) to merge this pull request or not. Entering beta means that all the main features of the framework will be available. That does not mean that we won't break backward compatibility here and there, but all these changes will be documented to ease migration.

Last but not the least, we have started to tag the public and stable API with @api. As I wrote in my last post on my blog: "All classes, methods, and properties tagged with @api are public in the sense that we guarantee their stability over time: their name, signature, and behavior won't change for any minor version of the library."

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

Symfony2 final version... we are not there yet

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So is there any estimation about final release date?
A final release in April seems unlikely, since we will probably have one or two RC's after the beta phase. Then again a new release every week is totally doable. I would be very surprised if we slip later than May.
Take your time. Its better to have something perfect a little bit later than something incomplete today.
I agree completely with what Zuzanna says. Symfony2 should be released when it's ready

"Because during the last few months, more and more great developers have joined the Symfony2 team"

Please don't stop development after 2.0 release. Just create 2.0 branch and let the 2.1 development continues :)
So, I have begun a new project in Symfony 2 where I am rewriting old procedural code into a sleek new body.

Is it safe to say that I can continue using Symfony 2? Should I backtrack to 1.4?
@Zuzanna: it will never be perfect- perfection is a point of view.

Most important for me is to know about a development roadmap, which I can rely on. As someone, who has to make business decisions, I'm not happy with the "it's finished when it's done" mentality.
Will there also be a new turorial app? thx
I am glad you are taking the time to get it right. Especially the form framework.
I think it's true way. Good luck ;)
Hello everybody! I am sure that the fact that names like PR / RC / BETA is less important than the true state of affairs in the development of such a product ... Now I'm happy because I've the source code and some documentation... And I'd like to see this great product in the true form STABLE===TRUE===STABLE ))
The most important thing: HEY, GUYS! A LOT OF THANKS!
It's ready when it's ready - like the Debian project announces questions for a release date. It is always better to cancel a milestone than to release something unstable.
Much luck for your work!

My name is Cristian Gonzalez Sanchez and I made a contribution fixing the use of the fallback locale in the symfony translation (maybe you remember it).

The question is that my name doesn't appear in the contributors list. In fact there is a developer called like me (Cristian Gonzalez) but points to another github account (not mine). My github account is:

Waiting for a fix and thanks for your time.

Take your time and make sure everything is in place. It will change a lot in 2.1 anyways, when more people actually use it ;)

I tried the RCs a bit, had major problems because I don't use Mongo or Couch, just RESTful APIs ... even creating a simple authenticated user wasn't possible. I hope 1.0 will not depend on too many architectural assumptions ... it should work best as extensible application skeleton.

(Had to resubmit this form because of invalid CRSF tokens ... friendly error message ;) )
I must agree with Harald, Please Fabien take the time and re-check all functions.

I'm with symfony since 1.0 and it develop so much, but every bug is taking forever to search the forum and documents (maybe there is a wiki for symfony ? developers often find useful code lines that help new ones become more friendly with symfony) , every plugin needs to be a bundle now and there is a lot of projects depending on symfony plugins,

whats the news about the CMS project ?

Nice job ! ! ! the best framework I have encounter

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