SymfonyCon Amsterdam: schedule part 3 is online (almost final one)!

We have announced the first part and the second part of the conference schedule in previous blog posts. We are now very happy to announce the third part of the talks and speakers selected for SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019. As a reminder, we will have 3 tracks this year.

We are pleased to announce the selection of 8 more speakers for the conference. We would like to thank once again all the people who submitted a topic to our call for papers.

Discover the new speakers added to the list and the talks they will deliver during the conference:

  • Ryan Weaver, Symfony Core Team Member, will share his experience and talk about “Prime Time with Messenger: Queues, Workers & more Fun!”. In Symfony 4.4, Messenger will lose its experimental label and officially become stable! In this talk, he'll go through Messenger from the ground-up: learning about messages, message handlers, transports and how to consume messages asynchronously via worker commands. Everything you need to make your app faster by delaying work until later. He will also talk about the many new features that were added to Messenger since Symfony 4.3, like retries, the failure transport and support for using Doctrine and Redis as transports.

  • Zan Baldwin and Nicolas Grekas, will be talking about "One year of Symfony" as a Closing Keynote.

  • Łukasz Chruściel, developper at Sylius, will present"Everything you wanted to know about Sylius, but didn’t find time to ask". Sylius is open source eCommerce platform, which reached Is there any reason, why should you check Sylius if you are not developing eCommerce websites? What are the reasons to choose Sylius? For who is Sylius designed for? He will answer these questions and give some insight over the newest changes in the platform.

  • Lander Vanderstraeten, PHP developer and PHPro, will present a talk about “Eeek, my tests are mutating!”. Writing tests is nice, but how are you sure that your tests cover all use cases? Code coverage can give false positive metrics. A new way of working that goes by the name of mutation testing has gained a lot of popularity lately. This talk will explain you what it is, how you can integrate it and contains a demo over the basics of mutation testing with infection and phpspec.

  • Grégoire Hébert, Senior Developer, trainer and CEO of MasterClass By Les-Tilleuls, will introduce to you “Together towards an AI, NEAT plus ultra”. You've heard about AI for some time. But it remains obscure for you. How does it work, what is behind this word? If for you, reading white papers or doctoral paper is not your thing, that the Tensorflow doc is just a big pile of words for you, and if you've seen unclear presentations using the same vocabulary without really giving you an idea of how it works and how to implement an AI at home ... This presentation is for you. At its end, you will be able to play with an AI, simple, but that will serve as a gateway to the beautiful world of machine-learning.

  • Sebastian Bergmann, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at, will deliver a talk about "PHPUnit Best Practices". While PHPUnit is not difficult to set up and writing tests with it is easy, you will get better results and save development time if you know the tips and tricks to leverage PHPUnit more effectively. This session, presented by the creator of PHPUnit, teaches best practices you can use to ensure that your unit testing effort is efficiently implemented.

  • Juciellen Cabrera, Software Engineer, "Symfony Serializer: There and back again". When you are developing APIs sometimes you need return the same object with different ways. Furthermore a object can be complex due your relashionships with others objects turning serialization process such hard. The Symfony Serializer Component makes possible manage how you wants to serialize objects for json, xml e other options. Also you can manage responses using serialization groups, choosing which properties you want, handling Serialization Depth and much more.

  • Titouan Galopin, product manager at SymfonyInsight, will speak about “Demystifying React JS for Symfony developers”. The world of JavaScript is vast and exciting... but it can also be quite scary! It is an innovative world in which new technologies appear all the time, which can make it difficult for developers to keep up to date. One of the most famous of these technologies is probably React JS. It changed the way we conceive User Interfaces, both in the browser and in mobile applications. But understanding it can be challenging. Let's demystify it together so that you can enter the world of JavaScript with confidence!

  • Tobias Nyholm, Symfony Core Team and Symfony CARE team member, will talk about “Building really fast applications”. What can we do to make an application run faster? What should we be considering when starting a new application? There are some quick fixes that he will quickly cover. But to get down to really fast response times requires hard work. He will give his best ideas and tricks for fast apps. He will show how we can build applications that responds in less that 15ms and then work towards even faster than that.

  • Marc Weistroff, CTO at, will be on stage talking about “Integrating performance management in your development cycle”. Good performance is crucial for online businesses and it should be taken very seriously. While this is common knowledge, it is usually not prioritized in development cycles. This leads to higher development cost as teams found themselves in situations of fire-fighting. By integrating performance management early in the development process, the cost is reduced, chances of performance regression are lessened, same as the business risks. Using Blackfire, we will see why performance management should be integrated in a SymfonyCloud project early in every environment from development to testing to production.

Find out the conference schedule and start to create your own! We will also have an unconference track on the second day of the conference, more details about it soon!

The last speakers and talks will be announced in a few days, stay tuned!

Not registered yet? Purchase your conference or combo ticket before price increase on Monday Sept, 30th!

See you soon at the International conference of the year!

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SymfonyCon Amsterdam: schedule part 3 is online (almost final one)!

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