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Managing CSS and JavaScript

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Managing CSS and JavaScript


Do you prefer video tutorials? Check out the Webpack Encore screencast series.

Symfony ships with a pure-JavaScript library - called Webpack Encore - that makes it a joy to work with CSS and JavaScript. You can use it, use something else, or create static CSS and JS files in your public/ directory directly and include them in your templates.

Webpack Encore

Webpack Encore is a simpler way to integrate Webpack into your application. It wraps Webpack, giving you a clean & powerful API for bundling JavaScript modules, pre-processing CSS & JS and compiling and minifying assets. Encore gives you professional asset system that's a delight to use.

Encore is inspired by Webpacker and Mix, but stays in the spirit of Webpack: using its features, concepts and naming conventions for a familiar feel. It aims to solve the most common Webpack use cases.


Encore is made by Symfony and works beautifully in Symfony applications. But it can be used in any PHP application and even with other server side programming languages!

Symfony UX Components

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