A week of symfony #289 (9->15 July 2012)

This week Symfony project experienced the most intense development activity in years. In addition to the three new versions released (2.0.16, 2.1.0 beta2, and 2.1.0 beta3), a major cleanup of tickets and pull requests was made on the official repository. Particularly noteworthy was the refactoring of the form component and its huge performance boost.

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symfony 1 development highlights


  • r33486: [1.4] fixed sfPDODatabase::call() method

Symfony2 development highlights

Master branch:

  • 1fa22d9: [Form] output a more usable error when PropertyPath has tried to find adders and getters, but failed to find them
  • df5bb4a: [Form] unified rendering of errors for nested elements
  • 39e821c: [TwigBundle] added a new paths setting to allow configuration of more paths for the filesystem loader
  • 6e1462e, 1345360: [Form] fixed PropertyPath handling of __get() and offsetGet() methods that return a constant
  • c0a5207: [Form] prevented duplicate validation of form constraints
  • 7727de7: [Form] deprecated Form::bindRequest() and replaced it by a PRE_BIND listener
  • 9c94b48: [Form] fixed the data option to supersede default data set in the model
  • a6d44bd: [Routing] when serializing a Route, don't serialize the compiled route
  • e8bb834: [Form] fixed data to be written back by PropertyPath if it cannot be handled by reference
  • 6ad4018: [Form] display the hint about adder/remover on invalid property access
  • aaf4950, 14bd5ba: [Console] implemented '<' escaping
  • 878e86d: added global variables access in a form theme
  • 7a18100: [Console] replaced var_export with json_encode for default values when exported as text/xml to make them more readable
  • 5b057f8: [Form] fixed DateType to use 'format' for creating the year and day choices
  • 9eeb200: [Form] changed the default format of DateType to 'yyyy-MM-dd' to support HTML 5 out of the box
  • 9a2c617: [ClassLoader] fixed order of interfaces in generated class collection caches
  • 064ad62: [HttpFoundation] allowed _method to be set in the query string
  • 02e0a8f: allowed Kernel:: to be overridden by subclasses
  • ded6c03: [Form] DateTimeType now handles RFC 3339 dates as provided by HTML5
  • 7a76dba: [Form] renamed the options 'data_timezone' and 'user_timezone'
  • b7aae48: [Locale] fixed error resetting in StubIntlDateFormatter::parse()
  • 92abf5a: [Form] enabled error bubbling from the parts of a date/time field to the main field
  • 1a732e4: [Validator] removed the Range constraint as it duplicates functionality given in Min and Max
  • d84b689, 0cdacee: [Validator] added the constraints MinCount and MaxCount ... and replaced them by the constraint Count
  • 0be602d, 741c147, 83a3f75: [Validator] deprecated the Max, Min and Size constraints and renamed to Range
  • f06203a: [Form] improved ValidatorTypeGuesser to interpret the constraints True and False
  • 1fe3996: [Validator] improved error messages displayed when the Valid constraint is misused
  • a92f80b: [Validator] added Length constraint and deprecated MinLength and MaxLength
  • 5e6c06f: [Security] removed hard dependency on for default auth success handler
  • 8298d8c: [Form] improved ChoiceType performance by caching ChoiceList objects
  • 70307e5: [Form] improved EntityType performance by caching the EntityChoiceList
  • a924dab: [OptionsResolver] made the OptionsResolver clonable
  • 3f05e70: ensured that an exception is always converted to an error response (and that we keep the HTTP status code and headers)
  • 2bf4d6c: [Form] fixed FormFactory not to set 'data' option if not explicitely given
  • 2ca753b: [Form] fixed choice list hashing in DoctrineType
  • 653821a, 12d6ae7, 23d8735: [HttpFoundation] removed FileSessionHandler (this driver is inferior to native handling)
  • cd7835d: [Form] cached the form type hierarchy in order to improve performance
  • 2dcc448: raised the minimum version of PHP to 5.3.4 (reverted)
  • 69e5e58: [Form] individual rows of CollectionType cannot be styled anymore for performance reasons
  • 28e137c: [Serializer] added a ChainEncoder and a ChainDecoder
  • 7d53909, d7a5449: added earlier PHP output buffer flush for non FPM environments
  • baf990b: [HttpKernel] fixed the request data collector which always started the session
  • 01b2e39: [Security] extracted default logout success handling logic
  • b55930a: [Security] implemented the Serializable interface in the Role class
  • 0875124: moved the router data collector to HttpKernel
  • dd8a401: made the Kernel dep optional in ConfigDataCollector
  • 8f82e07: made RequestDataCollector from HttpKernel and FrameworkBundle compatible

2.0.x branch:

  • 28f002d: [Locale] fixed bug on the parsing of TYPE_INT64 integers in 32 bit and 64 bit environments caused by PHP bug fix
  • 854daa8: [Form] fixed errors not to be added onto non-synchronized forms
  • 0341492, 11ae9c9: released Symfony 2.0.16
  • e9d799c: [Routing] fixed ApacheUrlMatcher and ApachMatcherDumper classes that did not take care of default parameters in urls

Repository summary: 5,220 watchers (#1 in PHP, #31 overall) and 1403 forks (#1 in PHP, #13 overall).

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