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symfony 1.3.11 and 1.4.11

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Symfony2 final version... we are not there yet

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A week of symfony #221 (21->27 March 2011)

Symfony2 accelerated this week its development pace in order to prepare for its final release. Tons of properties and methods were switched from protected to private, the public API started to be tagged (0f231c3), HTTP exceptions were refactored, the first bridges across components were committed (3e5bd67), Twig 1.0.0 was released and even a new version of cache:clear command was added to the framework's utilities.

Symfony meeting Madrid

During Symfony Live I talked to Alfonso Alba García ([@aalbagarcia]( He was planning to organize a symfony meetup in Madrid. This saturday, it's happening, and you can be there...

symfony 1.3.10 and 1.4.10: security releases

These releases include yesterday's Doctrine security release.

A week of symfony #220 (14->20 March 2011)

This week, Symfony2 gained a new intl extension stub, which will prevent some possible problems related to the intl extension requirement. In addition, the new event manager was committed, probably being one of the last major changes of Symfony2 code. Lastly, the symfony-docs repository also received lots of commits, as Symfony2 stabilization allows expanding and improving its documentation.

Symfony Live 2011 Paris Videos

I'm really happy to announce that all sessions from the main room are now available online.

A week of symfony #219 (7->13 March 2011)

This week, the echoes of the last Symfony Live conference still resonated in the symfony community. Meanwhile, Symfony2 switched most of its methods and properties from protected to private, a decision made to ease its maintenance that generated a lengthy and heated discussion on the mailing list. Lastly, in the last weekly IRC meeting core developers decided that "there won't be any other big change before Symfony 2.0 version, no matter what".

A week of symfony #218 (28 February -> 6 March 2011)

What a week for symfony project! Hundreds of developers gathered in Paris for Symfony Live 2011 conference, attending tens of technical sessions, discussing the future of Symfony2 and getting in touch with other community members.

The Symfony Live Unconference Schedule

So, with Day 1 of the Symfony Live conference already well under way, we now have a nice schedule to present to you. During the day, many people approached us with very interesting talks they wanted to present during the Symfony Live unconference tomorrow.

We're cheering again for Github

Just like last year, there will be another Github meetup in Paris during the Symfony Live conference. Github and Sensio have again joined forces to give everyone a night of fun. So do join us for saying cheers to Github, drink a beer, and have some geeky talk!