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How to Hide Console Commands

5.2 version

How to Hide Console CommandsΒΆ

By default, all console commands are listed when executing the console application script without arguments or when using the list command.

However, sometimes commands are not intended to be run by end-users; for example, commands for the legacy parts of the application, commands exclusively run through scheduled tasks, etc.

In those cases, you can define the command as hidden by setting the setHidden() method to true in the command configuration:

// src/Command/LegacyCommand.php
namespace App\Command;

use Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command;

class LegacyCommand extends Command
    protected static $defaultName = 'app:legacy';

    protected function configure(): void
            // ...

Hidden commands behave the same as normal commands but they are no longer displayed in command listings, so end-users are not aware of their existence.


Hidden commands are still available using the JSON or XML descriptor.

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