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Symfony version

The symfony framework is a full-stack MVC framework that helps you develop websites faster. It also establishes a set of best practices that will help you to develop maintainable and secure websites. And advocating best practices starts as soon as you want to install the framework itself.

Installing symfony is not very much different to installing any other PHP software but, to make your installation secure from the start, you should not just put all the files under your web root directory as many other installation guides may prescribe. Although it will take slightly more time to install symfony our way, a little extra effort at the beginning is really worth it in the long run. Also, as with any other PHP software installation, there are a lot of small traps that you can fall into that can make your experience harder than it needs to be, so we will try to help you avoid them.

This tutorial teaches you everything you need to get started with a new symfony project. From the web server configuration, installation of symfony itself, to the creation of an application; at the end of the tutorial, you will have a fully-working symfony application, ready to be used for your next project.