New in Symfony 3.4: Subscribing to events in the micro kernel

In Symfony 3.4, the MicroKernel trait can subscribe to events and handle them using methods defined in the kernel class.

New in Symfony 3.4: Deprecate configuration options

In Symfony 3.4, configuration options can be deprecated more easily to warn users about future changes.

New in Symfony 3.4: HTTP Immutable Responses

Symfony 3.4 will include support for HTTP Immutable Responses thanks to the new immutable option of the Cache-Control directive.

A week of symfony #559 (11-17 September 2017)

This week, the upcoming Symfony 3.4 version continued working on improving its performance: most services were made private by default, a new tag was added for resetteable services and features like bundle inheritance were deprecated. Meanwhile, the full schedule of the SymfonyCon conference was announced.

New in Symfony 3.4: Groups support for the Valid constraint

Symfony 3.4 adds support for validation groups in the Valid constraint, so you can partially validate the embedded objects.

New in Symfony 3.4: Better console exceptions

Symfony 3.4 improves the exceptions displayed in the console to include by default the exact file and line number where the exception occurred.

New in Symfony 3.4: User impersonation improvements

Symfony 3.4 improves the user impersonation feature of the Symfony component to make it easier to debug.

The Symfony Unicorn: 1 Billion Downloads

Symfony components surpassed 1 billion downloads on September 5th 2017.

Symfony 3.3.9 released

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A week of symfony #558 (4-10 September 2017)

This week, Symfony Components surpassed 1 billion downloads, making Symfony the most popular project in PHP's history in terms of downloads. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 3.4 version continued improving performance of the service container by making more services private and inlining more services.

New in Symfony 3.4: Improved security listeners

In Symfony 3.4, security listeners are lazy loaded to improve performance. In addition, the Symfony Profiler has been updated to show all the information about security listeners.

New in Symfony 3.4: Added support for XLIFF 2.0 notes

Symfony 3.4 adds support for XLIFF 2.0 notes, which allow to store end user comments and annotations about translations.

New in Symfony 3.4: Prefix all controller route names

In Symfony 3.4, the @Route annotation can define a prefix for the names of all the routes defined in the same controller class.

A week of symfony #557 (28 August - 3 September 2017)

This week, Symfony 2.7.34, 2.8.27, 3.3.7 and 3.3.8 maintenance versions were released. Meanwhile, Symfony improved the PSR-4 based service discovery, added the ability to deprecate a configuration node and included a new debug:form command.