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New in symfony 1.2: The admin generator

In this post, I will describe the general concepts of the new admin generator. The chapter about the admin generator in the symfony book has already been updated, so you can start reading it right away.

Manage Doctrine in your browser with sfDoctrineManagerPlugin

Control everything that is Doctrine from a nice web interface. Its primary feature is the ability to control your Doctrine schema from your browser using a set of symfony forms.

A week of symfony #95 (20->26 october 2008)

Very calm week for symfony core development. In contrast, plugins showed their usual intense development activity. Due to plugins' success, symfony announced this week the first plugin developers day.

Plugin Developers Day

I am happy to announce the upcoming plugin developers day, happening on Saturday November 8th from 3:00pm to 9:00pm GMT in the #symfony IRC channel.

New in symfony 1.2: Test your applications

The symfony framework has always been bundled with a functional testing framework and it is certainly one of its main strengths. Each release of symfony makes the functional testing framework even better. Today, I will show you all the goodness we have added for the symfony 1.2 version. Be prepared to be amazed!

Three years of symfony

On October 18, 2005, Fabien Potencier commited the first changeset of symfony's source code. Therefore, our favorite PHP framework has just turned 3 years old.

A week of symfony #94 (13->19 october 2008)

This week symfony turned 3 years old. More than 1,000 days and 12,200 changesets after the first commit, symfony activity is more intense than ever. During last twelve months, 14 versions of symfony were released (10 of 1.0.x branch and 4 of 1.1.x branch).

Spice up your forms with some nice widgets and validators

I have already talked about sfFormExtraPlugin in some previous posts. Today, I will present this plugin more thoroughly.

Play with the user language

I have already talked about the sfFormExtraPlugin in a previous post and people were quite amazed by some widgets provided by the plugin. Today, I will talk about sfFormLanguage, a form also provided by the sfFormExtraPlugin plugin.

New in symfony 1.2: Make your Choice!

When displaying a form, you often want the user to make a choice amongst a list of possibilities. symfony 1.2 comes with a new widget called sfWidgetFormChoice. sfWidgetFormChoice is an abstract widget in the sense that it delegates the rendering to another widget (the renderer widget). Let's see how it works in this post.

A week of symfony #93 (6->12 october 2008)

Symfony maintained this week the intense development activity of the previous week. In total, nearly 200 changesets were commited, 6 new plugins were released and 20 plugins were updated, mostly sfDoctrinePlugin and sfPropelPlugin. In addition, symfony project achieved its 12,000th changeset milestone and symfony 1.2 showed more of its upcoming features.

New in symfony 1.2: Small things matter (4)

In this new installment of "Small things matter", I will yet again talk about things that makes symfony easier for newcomers and more flexible for advanced users.

New in symfony 1.2: Error Templates and Request Formats

symfony 1.1 introduced native support for different formats and mime-types. But there was one missing piece: error support. That's fixed in symfony 1.2, thanks to the great work of Kris Wallsmith.

Unit Testing your Models

Writing unit tests for your Propel or Doctrine model is much more easier as of symfony 1.1. In this tutorial, you will learn some great tips and best practices to write better tests for your models.

New in symfony 1.2: Small things matter (3)

Here comes the third edition of small things that might make you happy in symfony 1.2.

A week of symfony #92 (29 september -> 5 october 2008)

Symfony development activity reached this week its highest peak with the release of three new versions: 1.0.18, 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. Meanwhile, symfony 1.2 introduced the new sfTester classes and revamped functional test classes.

symfony 1.1.4 released: Security fix

In accordance with our security policy, we are releasing today symfony 1.1.4 to fix a security issue that has been reported by a symfony user earlier today. This post contains the description of the vulnerability and the description of the changes we have made to fix it. The affected symfony versions are all symfony 1.1 releases and the 1.2 branch.

Security must be taken seriously

The symfony framework has always provided the tools needed by the developers to secure their applications.

symfony 1.0.18 is out

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