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How do I use Propel 1.3 in symfony 1.1?

Starting with symfony 1.1, it is now possible to easily use Propel 1.3 in your project to take advantage of its speed improvements, nested set implementation, object instance pooling, among others. Most importantly, Propel 1.3 uses PDO instead of Creole as the DBAL, offering a significant performance boost.

A week of symfony #73 (19->25 may 2008)

This week, symfony beat another development activity record with more than 210 changesets. Moreover, hundreds of framework's files have been improved with more detailed phpdoc information. Lastly, Symfony has established another awesome milestone with more than 400 public websites made with the framework, including some colossal Yahoo! web applications with more than 100 million users.

New symfony security policy

Last week, we've fixed a security bug allowing XSS attacks in certain circumstances. The related ticket was opened more than a year ago.

A week of symfony #72 (12->18 may 2008)

During this week, a new symfony 1.0.X maintenance version was released, fixing an important security breach. More than 20 plugins were updated, especially sfDoctrine, sfExtjsTheme and sfYUI.

symfony 1.0.16 is out

symfony 1.0.16 is out and fixes an important security breach.

A week of symfony #71 (5->11 may 2008)

Outstanding week for symfony with three new versions released: 1.0.14, 1.0.15 and 1.1.0 RC1. After its first release candidate, symfony 1.1 gets tons of fixes and enhancements. As usual, plugins continue breaking records with more than 22 updated plugins and 6 new plugins released during this week.

symfony 1.0.15 is out

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Yahoo! Answers powered by symfony

Yahoo! used symfony to redevelop another project. This time symfony was used as part of the foundation for Yahoo! Answers.

Symfony 1.1.0 RC1 is out

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symfony 1.0.14 is out

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A week of symfony #70 (28 april -> 4 may 2008)

This week, symfony 1.0 branch has fixed several bugs, while symfony 1.1 branch continues polishing some features with bugfixes and refactorings. Among plugins, development activity has been focused on Doctrine. The plugin sfDoctrine for symfony 1.1 now has all the features of the bundled plugin sfPropelPlugin. In fact, sfDoctrinePlugin has even more features such as migrations, DQL, inheritance and additional admin generator features.