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A week of symfony #161 (25->31 January 2010)

After three long years, the last release of symfony 1.0 branch was published this week. In addition, a new initiative was started to help symfony core members cleaning the bug tracker.

3 years after: symfony 1.0 Last release!

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A week of symfony #160 (18->24 January 2010)

Symfony 2 reported this week some impressive and very promising figures in a basic "hello world" benchmark. Meanwhile, symfony 1.X returned to its usual development activity with several bugfixes.

More about Git (Symfony Live update)

Today, I'm really excited to announce that Scott Chacon will be our guest at the Symfony Live Conference in February. Of course, he will host a session about Git.

A week of symfony #159 (11->17 January 2010)

The brand-new Git repository of Symfony 2 showed this week strong development activity, mostly focused on Dependency Injection component. Symfony 2 also unveiled its new interactive shell that will supersede the traditional symfony CLI.

Symfony 2 Migration to Git

As you might have noticed, the Symfony 2 code is now hosted on Git.

A week of symfony #158 (4->10 January 2010)

Symfony 2 started this week its migration to a Git repository. First commits on GitHub were related to Console component and Commands/Tasks. Meanwhile, Sympal and Diem maintained their close competition for being the most updated symfony plugin.

A week of symfony #157 (28 December 2009 -> 3 January 2010)

Symfony project enjoyed this week a well deserved vacation. Therefore, the solely development activity was provided by new and updated plugins.