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Symfony2: Beta1 available!

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Symfony2: Getting easier

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A week of symfony #225 (18->24 April 2011)

Symfony2 development focused this week on the new Form/Validation components. Firstly, the 'form' branch was merged, modifying nearly 300 files and 25,000 lines of code. Afterwards, tens of changes and tweaks were committed to make the forms more extendable and easier to use. In addition, Symfony2 PR12 was released and the first beta version was announced for the next week.

Symfony2 PR12 released

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A week of symfony #224 (11->17 April 2011)

This week, the new Symfony2 forms were declared in beta state and functional tests added support for cookies and sessions. Meanwhile, Symfony2-based micro-framework Silex gained form and swiftmailer support and could even include a small admin generator. Lastly, symfony community started a campaign to ask NetBeans IDE to add support for Symfony2.

A week of symfony #222 (28 March -> 3 April 2011)

This week, the Symfony2 codebase was heavily updated to use shorter bundle names, removing the 'Bundle' suffix. However, in the last IRC meeting it was decided to revert that decision, after a lengthy discussion in the mailing list.